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  1. Rojen

    Father Quest Line

    Before I start sorry if this has already been asked but I'm too lazy to search. Does the father quest line just end when he dies or is there anymore to it. If so can you tell me how to activate/start it?
  2. Rojen

    Tiny Question

    When making a model, will that model have to be to scale how big you want it in game or does it not matter what size the model is?
  3. Rojen

    Instalation error

    I've been playing an older version of brytenwalda for some time, so i decided to update it. I followed the instructions to install but i ended up getting this error any help?
  4. Rojen

    Which Server

    Been playing PW for a while now on NA sever as it has good role play and good admins. I realised that another server, Oprec, has been getting more and more people. The EU server seems to have more people too. Just wondering which one is better to go onto?
  5. Rojen


    Do you need to download the music to play this mod?  :|
  6. Rojen

    After battle crashes [Solved]

    Once i finish a battle with more that one party, the game crashes when i'm supposed to return to the map. but this is fine if i battle a single party. please help
  7. Rojen

    [Bug Solved ?] Town

    when i try to enter a town it makes warband close.  :( any help?
  8. Rojen

    Steam 1.131 crash

    I have 1.131 on steam and whenever i play offline it crashes to the desktop when i kill anyone. Could anyone tell me what's happening?
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