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  1. ozturka

    Resolved [e.1.2.0][Beta] Time on "Resume" after Loading Save Game

    Summary: I was waiting at "Lavenia Castle". As I was waiting, I "Save And Exit" the game. Then later, when I load the saved game, the time was running. (It is supposed to be on "Pause"). Also, when I stopped waiting in the castle, and then click "Leave". I realized I was far away from the...
  2. ozturka

    Trading Prices - Data

    I was so bored of going forth and back between visited cities for selling stuff. So I created an excel sheet for easy trading. I buy/sell according to it. I just check the villages, buy them if the prices are good. Then sell it to cities that have a good price. Here is a photo preview...
  3. ozturka

    Resolved [e1.2.0][Beta][Issue] AI Parties Mindless Atacks

    A city is under siege of more than 500 troops. I especially called some parties to my army. However, as these parties got nearby me. They just turned to the sieging army with their merely 50 troops against 500. Of course, they got obligated. I understand that it is better than not attacking at...
  4. ozturka

    Need More Info [e1.0.2] Governer Issue

    One of my clan-mate was governer on the castle I own. The issue is when the castle was conquered by the enemy. Governer stayed there. Not as a prisoner, but as a normal. (In short, I wasn't able to recall that clan-mate. When I conquered the castle again, she was at governor position again...
  5. ozturka

    [Constructive Feedback] | What do you guys think about them?

    I don't know if the below format would be helpful. However, these are what I saw lacking so far. If it looks helpful, I will continue posting such things the more I play. 1) Inventory Item Preview – First Screen In the “Preview” screen, the first stance of the item position requires extra steps...
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