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  1. MrSensei

    Patch Notes e1.3.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Hey folks,

    we just released a small hotfix.

    • Server Side Improvements
    • Fixed a bug that prevented excessive settlement militia from decreasing.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when trying to complete Gang Leader Needs Weapons quest through dialogue.

    Thank you sir!
  2. MrSensei

    Is any bonus of the Culture Background works?

    Uhm , the game defo detects the terrain. Forests 100% works at least , i've noticed this 1000 times and it's also visible in the party speed icon..
    The penalty is pretty nasty , 1.2+ speed reduction or something. Not sure about snows - i don't spend much time north of the wall : DDD

    Think culture background fit the race concept really well , but battania/khuzait and styrgia need a significant boost. And yes , khuzait certainly works.

    I just checked the Battanian and you are right just the bonus amount is different (Feats +0.74)
    I guess it was just my luck I was playing strugia for few weeks and there bonus doesn't work -_-

  3. MrSensei

    Is any bonus of the Culture Background works?

    From what i have heard I think the Caravan price reduction works but not the trade penalty reduction and the Vandian XP bonus one. The movement are on but only the bonus horse speed one works as the game doesn't detect the terrain for the purposes of applying the speed bonus. Not sure on the Empire one

    Yes you are right the Caravan Price reductions works I tested it myself.
    I do want the movement bonus but I have played all 3 cultures (Sturgians, Khuzaits and Battanians) and didn't see any bonus in the game?

    I already started a Battanians Campaign but if Khuzaits bonus movements speed is the only one working I will change to them.
    There is a bonus called Feats +0.5 is that it?
  4. MrSensei

    Is any bonus of the Culture Background works?

    No response .. I am assuming that's because they are all still not working :'(
  5. MrSensei

    Is any bonus of the Culture Background works?

    Hi Guys, Sadly my 4th campaign stopped due to the game keep crashing in the same day doesn't matter how much time I go back and try to do different things :'( once I reach a certain day it will crash I tried 1.3v and 1.4v all the same. So I am starting a new Campaign and so far I think all the...
  6. MrSensei

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

    No. Perks are already a priority, we will hopefully share some info on that soonish.
    Thanks, as one of the players who love the game Perks are much more important to me then anything else right in the top.
  7. MrSensei

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

    We identified a potential cause for the issue and will be sending a hotfix shortly.

    Thanks for responding and for the tiny update .. I am having the same issue :smile:
  8. MrSensei

    Where's the patch, TW.

    The sad part is we are going to get burned and won't play the complete game.
    Buying and playing this game in EA was a mistake.
    The annoying thing is that some major parts of the game that doesn't work seems very easy to fix like the skills and abilities and the faction bounce .. these are very important and very noticeable part of the game, I spent long time to pick each perk only to discover that most of them doesn't work .. couldn't you have the decency to let us know that it's not working so we don't waste our time with it!
    Also you can't gain points in trading unless you trade (buy and sell) without turning off the game because if you do it doesn't matter if you sell the trade goods you bought for 3 times it's price you still won't get any xp! and if you play the game for long time without closing it .. it will become VERY slow.
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