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  1. Thundertrod

    MechWarrior Living Legends

    Final MWLL is entering open beta on the 26th hear is the new trailer. And the MWLL web site This is a free conversion MOD for crisis and requires the base game Crisis to play.
  2. Thundertrod

    I am getting my but kicked and am loving it

    Having becam so accustm in native to just grab my quorter staff and any old horse and becoming instant god of war. It came has quite a shok in PoP to reguly get my ass kicked by the ai. Now I feel that I have a challange in the a game a resion to acculy get better insted of doing random stuff I...
  3. Thundertrod

    suggestion; Khergit foot unit

    I think the knergit need a infantry shock unit, the Mongols who the khergit seem to be modeled on soon ran in to the problem of armies just refusing to face them in open field battle so they had to learn how to mount sieges to deal with army that wood just bunker down in walled city and forts...
  4. Thundertrod

    Changing serial key.

    I am running vista 64 home basic and I need to change the serial key with out reformatting the hard drive. I have tried uninstalling the game and doing a search for mount&blade and deleted every file that was found but still when I reinstalled it automatically used the wrong serial key.  I need...
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