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  1. Aitchy

    Did anyone else get the update for Warband, but it doesn't have Viking Conquest?

    So, I just installed the update for Warband but I can't see Viking Conquest
  2. Aitchy

    Recommend maps?

    So recently I bought a Persistent World server and in need of some recommendations of some good maps    The server is private for me and my friends for now Please put some recommended maps down below I would much appreciate it
  3. Aitchy

    In need of a person who knows how to edit scripts

    I recently bought a Persistent World server and need some people who know how to add scripts on to Persistent Worlds, such as Bank scripts and Maps. I would much appreciate if someone could get back to me
  4. Aitchy

    House Williams [EU/NA Clan] *Recruiting*

    House Williams is a Persistent Worlds clan. We got the name House Williams by one day while playing Life is Feudal and wanted a roleplaying name. So we took to the internet, after 1 min we had found the ultimate name... Williams. This house is led by Lord Aitchy of House Williams along with his...
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