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  1. DrTomas

    1257AD, source code

    So here we are folks, the source for 1257AD. The source code is now opened source. Feel free to use it for whatever you want. Assets (models, textures, scences, other visual material, ect.) are not mine to give away, and should get permissions from the authors to use it. You are however, free...
  2. DrTomas

    Source code

    Hi all, Since the project is open source, i guess the source needs to be released as well. It can be found on github: . Use it however you wish, don't forget to credit. I will not provide any support for it.
  3. DrTomas

    Notice on mods SVN

    Do not use the SVN. They will be closed down soon. Download from moddb. No future development is planed. Source won't be released at the moment, perhaps latter. The mod is officially completed.
  4. DrTomas

    Final Final version of 1257ad

    Development is done. Download from moddb and play, peasants!
  5. DrTomas

    General suggestions - 1.00+

    A new one is required with a new version, as traditions dictates. Please post you suggestions here.
  6. DrTomas

    Regimental system

    This is a introduction on how the regiment system works in ToTSK since the few latest revisions. If you are a lord of a faction you can then form a infantry or cavalry regiments in your fief. The cost is - 500 gold for infantry regiments, 1000 gold for cavalry. You can form any of the factions...
  7. DrTomas


    Show me and your village buddies what you got! By posting your screenshots in this topic, you agree that they might and will be used for propaganda purposes of the mod.
  8. DrTomas

    General Suggestion thread - 0.97Beta.

    A new one is required with a new version, as traditions dictates. Please post you suggestions here.
  9. DrTomas

    Campaign map - help to improve it

    Greetings, Our friend Hunterwolf had volountier to help us out and fix and improve and optimize our campaign map. Some parts of it surely is laking - like Eastern Europe have no rivers. So if any of you have any ideas on how to improve the map, post your screenshots with the missing...
  10. DrTomas

    Update on ad1257 0.97v.
  11. DrTomas

    The future of 1257ad(old)

    So the day has come, when we finnaly are releasing the next version of 1257ad. It's been almost two year since our last release, so it's about time. The download will be ready in the coming few days - Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Link to the topic...
  12. DrTomas

    Anno Domini 1257 - 1.13 - Angry peasants edition!

    This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe.  The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically accurate as possible.  From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent. You may...
  13. DrTomas

    The new Economy model.

    This is a early draft of the planed economy model. It will probably change and might never get implanted. Feel free to discuss, criticize, give ideas or feedback. The main idea is to give more control over your centers(towns, castles, villages) and make trade more important. Planed resources...
  14. DrTomas

    More cities needed!

    As the tittle says. Ideally currently we need: 1. Holy Roman Empire city and two villages to go with it - because Genoa is going solo in the near future. We one castle as well. 2. Crusader states - need a new town with two villages or two castles with two villages, as Jerusalem is going...
  15. DrTomas

    "I was a king, now I'm a peasant!" also known as the "auxiliary player" feature

    The new feature for 1257ad. The first test version of it is available now on our SVN(79 revision). What this feature does, is that the player will take control of one of the troops under his command. So no more waiting a half-of-hour for a large battle to end! The transaction happens after up to...
  16. DrTomas

    Companion revision 3 - retinue system.

    General information on the idea - currently it's still somewhat of a brainstorming thread! So feedback and ideas is welcome! The new companion system is aimed to introduce more historical recruitment for the companions. Instead of collecting local alchoholics from taverns, the player will call...
  17. DrTomas

    Troop tree revision 3.

    Currently I'm redoing the Mercenary troop trees within the mod. These will be recruited by groups of 30 people(for now, lets call them "companies" as I can't think of a better term right now) similar to the current lance recruitment. The idea is simple there are regional mercenaries, that are...
  18. DrTomas

    [out of date!]English troop and faction translation download link.

    Thanks to Sigma-Rho we have a English version for both the Troop trees and the factions. These translations are optional and the mod it self will be continued to support the native/latin language troops/factions. All you need to do to get the english translation is to download the rar and...
  19. DrTomas

    Bug reports.

    FOR THE SVN VERSION It's generaly hard to keep track of the bugs in the Subversion topic. Most of them get lost after a while, burried under a bunch of posts. From now on I would request that the bug reports would be posted on our googlecode page(the same place where our SVN is hosted). This...
  20. DrTomas

    Preview: Lance recruitment system - the true peasent way to go to war.

    Alright, so a quick and dirty preview on the new recruitment system that I'm currently working for the mod. This is an optional thing, you can still play with the current native system. If you are an ugly person that is :o (a peasent joke) . It's a bit diffrent system that I initaly planed on...
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