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  1. Computica

    BL Coding Where are the Triggers & Scripts?

    As I'm playing the game I see that a lot of the code from Native Warband is in the game but when I look through the files across the various folders I see definition info in the XML files; but I'm not seeing any code that references that info. Could someone point me where to look? EDIT: I found...
  2. Computica

    Voting Poll:New Calendar

    We have a new Calendar Format made and decided to let the community decide which flavor of it they like better. The new Format will be 1 year = 8 months = 244 Days | 1 month = 4 weeks = 28 Days | 1 week = 7 Days Thus the names of the Months and days will be changed to bring SoD to its own...
  3. Computica

    [OSP] [Map] Kalispell - Huge Campaign Map

    This is a map converted to Warband from Sim City 4 Download View In Cartographer It has 100,000 faces; Color Map, Map.txt, and proper boundaries. All it needs is some elbow grease. You should only edit maps this size in Cartographer or Thorgim's Map Editor. After detailing is done optimizing it...
  4. Computica

    OSP Fantasy World Map Game of Thrones - Westeros Map Mesh V2

    This was done by request last month. I was in the mood so I made it today: The mesh is ready for import into a map editor. It has to be edited first so I didn't add a "map.txt" file. It has about 110,000 faces, and the water area of the map has been optimized to about 40%; enough so that you...
  5. Computica

    Please Endorse SoD Warlords on the Nexus!

    Hello everyone, at the moment I'm hammering away at the code and MorrisB & Libspit are busy coming up with new ideas for the coming releases. Please sure your support and endorse SoD: Warlords on the M&B Nexus. Hopefully we can make #1 on the FotM spot and be able to do an interview. I'll also...
  6. Computica

    Updating Warlords to Warband version 1.151

    Hey everyone, I'm currently porting Warlords to the latest version of Warband. There may be some issues as far as sound goes in the latest patch but there will be a few more features that I'll be integrating into the mod for the next release. Currently my main focus has been the item re-balancing.
  7. Computica

    **Active Progress List Updated 03/24/2012**

    Change information will be listed here like in the Warlords board. I'm currently waiting to get confirmation on the Nexus so I can put SOD and all its additions on one page. One of the first errors I'll be fixing is the horse mesh and centurion dialog. I also have to fix the "away lord" dialog...
  8. Computica

    SOD on the Nexus EDIT: I just seriously got motivated to start modding again... this time it's going to be a real problem for me because I can see how well my competition is doing... EDIT 2: OK, I'm in control of my main files... EDIT 3: I'm still...
  9. Computica

    Obama's Executive Order 03/16/12 N.D.R.P.

    Anyone know about what this is exactly? Doesn't this give the President more power? Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness President Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors
  10. Computica

    Modifying an Agents Item Stats During Battle?

    I was curious if there was an operation to modify an agents weapon during battle. Like getting the ID of the Weapon the agent has and alter the weapon using operations.  :| It seems like this would be a task for WSE to handle but I'm curious if I can do this without it.
  11. Computica

    Hardcore/Technical Damage? & A New System of Damage Distribution? ->Poll Added<-

    I had gotten a crazy idea after playing Fallout: New Vegas extensively on hardcore mode; Since I'm going to re-balance weapons and armor, why not do so realistically but in a way where all troops respond to taking damage. If you've played Fallout 3 and noticed that when you become crippled in...
  12. Computica

    The Enemy Expatriation Act

    I gets even worse...
  13. Computica

    Music Tracks

    Some of music in the mod will be exchanged in the next release. I'm also going to but the names of tracks I'm putting on the chopping block. I might end up adding a few more tacks since I will eventually end up readjusting files for sound volume and size. Also it would be nice if you all can...
  14. Computica

    The Mod History Page (Part 2) 07/17/2012: "Modding Quietly"

    Mod History Page (Part 2) I'll be keeping this as a personal but public log of events and progress for mod development. Feel free to post in here if you want. I'll be making Logs and updates every now and then and post here on this page. I guess in this way you can get an inside look of the mods...
  15. Computica

    Voting Poll: Should SOD Warlords start using Warband Script Enhancer?

    Sword of Damocles: Warlords is already a great mod. But what if it started to use WSE to bring out some extra features that weren't doable before using regular operations? Well what if the mod started requiring that you had to have WSE in order to play to do so? Doing so would mean that you...
  16. Computica

    Let's do it BIG in 2012!

    The mod didn't make it into the top 100 which I figured it wouldn't. But I can tell that even with the 3.92 release being delayed and completely missing the 3.93 release that the mod was still very close to the top 100 ranking. Unfortunately the only Warband mod to make it to the top 100 was...
  17. Computica

    Your thoughts on 3.92

    Hello everyone, I really used to coming up with ideas I like and modding them into the game. But I would like to hear some of you all thoughts about the current release. Everyone is pretty quiet but the more chatter and discussion we can get in here the better. I know SOD is a good mod I'm just...
  18. Computica

    Oh yes, it's that time again! Upload tracking! v.3.92 Upd. 24:28 EST

    Making last minute checks and gathering information... Update: Feature list has been updated for the 3.92 release. 3.93 features will be implemented for whenever the next release is ready. Update 2: Made some equipment buy able that wasn't before. Update 3: Updating Installer Text... Update...
  19. Computica

    Haters... everyone hates them but you have to love them.

    Everyone, I've been getting a lot of love and good feedback from the community since I've been here. One thing I'm proud about is how well the mod is coming along and at the speed it is being completed. I have to admit, modding is pretty tough, but it is rewarding when you make something you...
  20. Computica

    Anti-Cheat System

    Hello everyone, I was going to surprise everyone about this but I decided to add a Anti-Cheat System back in November. Yes! ANTI-CHEATS! Muhahahahahaha!!!!!!!  :twisted: The only cheat this system blocks are the "Ctrl+F4" & "Ctrl+H" Cheats.  :lol: Before I was doing this in all areas but I...
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