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  1. genrev0914

    Not Permanent Lords Equipment

    1.The equipment set of lords are permanent at the start of campaign, Only the player equipment changes through out the campaign and it somehow feels lonely, I think it will add more life to NPC if it is not permanent just like how troop equipment roster behaves. This is the advantages I think it...
  2. genrev0914

    BL Coding Custom Culture Questions 1.6.3 Beta

    Hi, I'm so glad with the latest update about custom culture being modder friendly, I would like to ask for certain things. thanks in advance for taking the time reading this thread :) 1. Where can I access culture feat? do I need programming or is it on xml? 2. Where can I access culture image...
  3. genrev0914

    Resolved Influence exploit by releasing an enemy hero prisoner

    Summary: I have a hero as my prisoner, I released him and I gained influence, but when I go back to party screen, the hero are still there and I can perpetually gain influence by releasing him repeatedly. How to Reproduce: Release hero prisoner Scene Name (if related): Party Screen Media...
  4. genrev0914

    Possible change in Town culture through devastation

    I'm thinking that when the town is devastated, since it is conquered, and rebuilding, possible side effect is culture change.
  5. genrev0914

    BL Coding Custom Culture Town crash during rebellion

    I was thinking maybe this is related with the equipment of newly created Rebel Hero, I have made every equipment template for my custom culture's heroes and the crash still occurs. I just want to ask if there's a way to fix this kind of error through xml? Seems like this is hardcoded. Thanks for...
  6. genrev0914

    Option To Watch Neutral Battles

    When you approach a neutral party that is fighting, you don't have other choice but to leave, but sometimes it's nice to see some epic battle between AI specially if it's two armies clashing, Another thing is, other than send troops, an option to watch the battle even though the Main Hero is...
  7. genrev0914

    Option to disable rebellion

    I'm aware that fixes is not yet supported when it comes to modded game, so I came here for suggestion, The rebellion is a great new game mechanics, I loved it and many also did loved it, and it's a little selfish of me to suggest this, but when using custom culture mod on towns, during...
  8. genrev0914

    SP Native Tetsojin - Mod inspired by samurai

    Start your conquest as a samurai-like faction, lead your newly founded faction with other clans inside your kingdom. Mod Link (Required Main File) Optional Files (Miscellaneous Files) Addons Installation: -Install Main Files first "Module" folder inside the compressed file goes...
  9. genrev0914

    Resolved Chaikand Main Map crash when attempting to siege

    Summary: I experience this crash from e1.5.2 up until e1.5.4 when I try to siege Chaikand, I remember that in earlier version, I can siege Chaikand and send troops, and it will only crash when pressing "Lead your troops" button. But now in e1.5.4 Main and e1.5.5 Beta, it crash on just clicking...
  10. genrev0914

    BL 3D Art Diffuse2map

    Hello, I am trying to study materials and texture and I want to ask about diffuse2map, the meshes looks fine on editor when I added diffuse map and other things, in-game mode(editor launcher) they look fine too except for body armors, they kinda look yellowish and found out not having...
  11. genrev0914

    SP Native Crowned Full Face Helmet

    A simple mod that Edited/Combined an existing helmets New 2 Full face helmets + 3 extra crowns I saw a long time ago from the forums a picture of his mod request, I can't seem to find it now but here it is, the full face crowned helmet!. I also added one new Idea(the slim one.)...
  12. genrev0914

    BL 3D Art Help. I Imported armor but bones are rotated.

    So I'm new to importing meshes and I'm trying to figure it out. I look at the threads related to importing mesh and the steps I did was: -Use TpacTool to export existing game armor, padded_coat_a.dae -Imported it to blender, I only change the mesh name and export into fbx -imported the fbx file...
  13. genrev0914

    SP Native Towns Mania

    Made on Modding Tool. Contents: Added 2 towns for each non imperial faction Added 1 town to each imperial faction My old mod Supreme Kingdom +4 town for them 17 towns in total Complete siege Icon Collision box on town is applied. Some terrain is reform to insert new town. Make some inaccessible...
  14. genrev0914

    BL Scening How to make a terrain accessible.

    Hello, I was adding a bridge to the main map using modding tool, river is inaccessible, and I can't figure out how to make it accessible for the bridge. Maybe this was also related to the collision box of the Towns.
  15. genrev0914

    SP Other Supreme Kingdom x Merchant City

    Supreme Kingdom - A feminist mod. Overpowered kingdom (Unless the members defect) Merchant City - Most prosperous town in Calradia, Creating a caravan here will give you the best guards Contents: Mod Link is here: Supreme Kingdom x Merchant City Please Check My Modding Tutorials Pure...
  16. genrev0914

    Suggestion: Singleplayer spear brace should be a command.

    Hello, I just want to suggest an idea about single player spear brace, just like how shield wall works, "brace!!" should also be a command, because if an AI use spear brace stance and you command them to move, then it will cancel their brace, but if they are under a command of brace, they can...
  17. genrev0914

    Tutorial XML Editing Pure Xml modding PDF and Videos tutorials with templates .

    PDF tutorial is made from old versions, below version e1.4.2, but is still relevant in learning the basics, didn't plan the pdf to be updated.(But who knows.) Link here: Pure Xml modding tutorials and templates with PDF Video tutorial is made from e1.5.1 main branch version, It is still in...
  18. genrev0914

    Resolved Shader Quality Above low cause dark patches on map

    Shader Quality set on medium and high cause dark patches on my map, I'm not sure if it is a native bug, but maybe it was caused by corrupted file because during download the laptop goes sleep. I have verified file integrity through steam and it still there. The remedy I did is just set the...
  19. genrev0914

    BL Coding Custom culture in town is not permitted anymore?

    I was making mod and it was working fine before, but after e1.4.3, which is version e1.5.0, adding custom culture to a custom town, or even in vanilla town cause crash. I tried making caravan leaders from caravan.xml base on the callstacks it may be the cause, and it didn't solve the problem...
  20. genrev0914

    Resolved Putting custom culture in town after e1.4.3 cause crash

    I was making mod and it was working fine before, but after e1.4.3, which is version e1.5.0, adding custom culture to a custom town, or even in vanilla town cause crash. I tried making caravan leaders from caravan.xml and it didn't solve the problem. Thank you for your time and hardwork :smile...
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