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  1. TheDoge


    Just a sidenote, two-handed swords do NOT easily weigh 8 kg. Most medieval european 2handers weigh around 1.5 - 2.5 kg, nowhere near your 8 kg.
  2. TheDoge

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    Is there a way for the defenders to get from the 1. area (Kripaz's map) to the inner castle to defend last flags? Yesterday I got spawned there and the only way to get to the inner castle was through the gate in the middle of the castle, but as it was closed and unable to open from"outside", I was forced to jump down to the sandy part and go all the way around. Might be just a wrong spawn issue, as the map clearly shows the spawn area being on the higher ground with an option to descend to the lower area if needed.
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