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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Is there a planned release date for main for 1.6.2? Very curious to see the MP cosmetics :smile:
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Looking forward to the multiplayer cosmetics. Hope 1.6.2 will move to main soon :wink:
  3. Sharpshooter

    I think i've mentioned how untouchable the Sharpshooter is, having the best ranged damage in the game and even without Improved Armor or Pavise Shield, he has enough armor to forgive a fair chunk of mistakes in melee that he can still kill the few medium infantry units in the game.

    And now he can yeet cavalry units from the game with much greater efficiency, too. I think the buffs to Sharpshooter is to ensure that Vlandia are still the top dogs in Bannerlord while also trying to have the game continue to be a tactical shooter
    If the xbow damage is truely such an issue (which I don't believe is the case any more so than for other bows), nerf bolt damage, not damage to cav. In melee fights, a sharpshooter should be easily killable.
  4. Sharpshooter

    Can someone explain to me as to how this is perfectly fair and balanced? Or is this the part where I just nod my head and say "Yep. this is perfectly Fair and Balanced™" because modern military shooter with a medieval coat of paint
    I don't see any issue with this. Any mistake cav makes should be punishable by any class as cav dps is higher than that of any other class if played decently. It's not as if it's a one shot with the xbow anyway.
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    About the multiplayer balancing:
    In general, I like the changes. One thing worries me however. It appears that cav is indirectly buffed even further while cav is already dominant in every gamemode except for captain.

    Arguably the two major counters to cav, throwing spears and arrows are nerfed drastically. Throwing spears are not able to be picked up from corpses and taking them no longer gives javelins as well, and pierce damage against horses is lowered. This only leaves spears and pikes to counter cav. Pikes are buffed a little bit sure, but they still suffer from glancing if the horse is too close (which makes no sense for obvious reasons). Spears are just poor counters to cav because they suffer from glancing, often dealing low damage to a cav from the front letting the cav move on. Infantry spears are also shorter than the lances or long spears that cav have, so stabbing a rider is unrealistic and just results in the inf being stabbed, and likely killed, instead. Furthermore, if a stab on a horse head is done successfully, the stab does about 50-90 damage which is by far not enough to dismount, and only yields a single stab on the staggered rider for 20-40 damage. In melee fights, it's even worse. Either the infantry holds a spear and gets killed in the melee, or the inf holds a sword/mace/axe against the enemy infantry and gets killed by cav.
    Cav is already op with couches that always instakill, the ability to ride away relatively unscathed after being staggered, doing major damage without real opposition (except for other cav), bump stabbing/slashing which is unblockable, being able to knock down non-cav by riding into them.
    I would like a response from the devs, because this will most likely further destroy the balance of the game.

    In conclusion, cav was already dominant in every gamemode other than captain and will likely be even more so in 1.6.1 unless spear damage against cav is heavily increased or cav damage, couches and bumping is nerfed significantly. Alternatively, cav cost could be increased significantly. I know this was hinted at for TDM and siege, but skirmish would need this as well.
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    So I realize 1.5.10 just released, but I was just wondering. Could you give us any indication as to when 1.6.0 will be released to main? Should we expect a month as is usually the case between patches or could it be released earlier as 1.6.0 has been in beta for almost a month?
  7. Will the "mp patch" go main or still need to wait another 2months before we can play it

    I've been asking this for two weeks without response. Dev communication has been downright awful even though no patch is being released. It's like they're trying to burn any faith in them that was still remaining.
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    you answered your own question. If game is working in beta branch (Singleplayer), but what you can't play in beta branch ? it is Multiplayer. So you should wait mp developers to finish their work in 1.5.10 to see that patch in main branch.

    edit: Maybe i can be wrong about it but probably they will skip 1.5.10 at this point (i assume)
    I mean if 1.6.0 does work, then they should go ahead and just release that asap. (Assuming this doesn't take another month.)
  9. Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    @AVRC is there any news on when 1.5.10/1.6.0 will be dropping to main? I'm really looking forward to the cav shield hit boxes being changed. :smile:
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Not to sound impatient, but it's been almost two months since the last main version was released. As we cannot play multiplayer in beta versions, I was wondering. Is there a planned release date for 1.5.10? (I would also be down for 1.6.0 being moved to main next week for example.)
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Is there an ETA on 1.5.10 moving to main?
    I also would like to support a notion I saw in a reply to the 1.6.0 post, someone asked to skip 1.5.10 and immediately moving 1.6.0 to main. (This probably won't happen, but a guy can dream.)
  12. Heavy Inf

    @AVRC I will add my voice to the ones pleading for a more robust heavy inf buff. Nerfing throwables takes away a counter to archers and cav as well, both classes to which heavy inf is quite weak. Cav in general is much too strong at the moment, so this will further this divide. My proposal would be to:
    • Make all projectiles, throwables and arrows, do less damage to armor (maybe exempt horse armor from this, as heavy cav needs a nerf).
    • Make it possible for heavy inf to effectively deal with cav.
      • Give heavy inf longer spears.
      • Make spears glance less often.
      • Make spears do more damage against horses.
        • OR Let staggering a horse do damage to the rider as well.
      • Increase spear stabbing speed on foot.
    I think this will be more preferable to nerfing skirmishers. Skirmishers should still be useful against light classes, as well as archers. It's mostly heavy inf that doesn't have a place right now.
    Also, if you're going to go through with nerfing skirmisher melee capability (which seems less necessary with the above changes), please also do this for archers and dismounted cav.
  13. Bump + Hits needs to FK off from this game

    Agree with OP. I really don't see why bump hitting should be a thing. A raised shield should prevent getting hit. Besides, cav would still be op without it.
  14. Varyag

    Dunno if anyone will read this, but I think i will bump this thread regardless. Because the next major update's looking to increase the price of cavalry units, maybe it'd be worth it for the Varyag to have his cost reduced to 150 to compensate?
    Game mode should really be stated when talking about class costs. For skirmish, this change seems like it would unreasonably buff Sturgia. The Varyag is (imo) the best heavy inf in the game. Reducing cost to 150 would allow everyone to double spawn as a Varyag from round 1, which would be too strong. If anything, the problem with Sturgia is not the Varyag, it's the warrior and brigand.
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Seems like a nice patch. Not necessarily going to replay for this one but it does seem like the content is starting to flow. Hopefully not too long until we get an MP update.

    The horse shield changes is a huge one for me, love that it has been (hopefully) fixed. As for spears, there are some good posts from NIN3 from the past few days:

    Note that these are geared specifically for MP, but I imagine it will apply for SP too as most combat changes have so far.
    Nice, thanks for sharing! The future seems bright.
  16. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    For MP balancing purposes:
    I see you are nerfing light infantry by decreasing the damage of throwing spears. While this is great and should definitely be done at some point, I can't help but think this will make the disparity between inf and archers and, especially, between inf and cav even greater. Nerfing infantry like this will indirectly further buff cav, which is already much too strong comparatively, as throwing spears worked well against incoming horses. Thus, I think it will be necessary to nerf cav as well to make this work, either by making their horses slower/more vulnerable, or by shortening their spears (it makes no sense that cav with proper timing hit spearmen before a spearman can hit the horse).
  17. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Looking forward finally being able to reasonably stab a horse with a spear instead of hitting a shield for no apparent reason. Speaking about spears, is there any update on the problem of spear glancing?
  18. [SGM] Simia Gentem

    Wondering. What is Simia Gentem supposed to mean?
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