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  1. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Have we Reached the Point of Passive Acceptance and Disappointed Resignation with Bannerlord?

    new engine! which is obviously incompatible with a lot of things the community wants.
    I suppose, in fact, all the development time was spent on it.
    Instead, they could take Unreal, Unity, Godot, and so on and spend their time solely on development.

    Making a new game engine doesn't take 11 years. The are individual people who have made modern game engines in a fraction of that time.

    What comprises a "game engine" is very vague and is only ever defined as the engine is being developed, but it's rarely what makes games take a long time to make. An engine is usually just replicable game code, a lot of which can be accessed in the public domain and implemented straightforwardly. I'm not suggesting that it's easy, but that it takes a fraction of the manhours that the rest of the game takes.

    When studios say "we are creating a new engine", it's just PR speak to hype up customers. Most of the time when they say this, huge amounts of code get copied over into the "new" engine. It's primarily an in-office thing that doesn't affect the end product.

    For example I use unreal engine 4, and unreal engine 5 is just a small update from 4. They haven't really added much besides bugfixes in the past 7 or so years, but based on their PR statements it sounds like they spent years behind the scenes building this amazing new piece of software. It's the same with bannerlord. The monent you could see screenshots back in 2013, the engine was basically already done.
  2. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Unresolved You can easly get non-hostile nobles killed without any consquences during the prison break.

    I don't want this "fixed" to be honest. If the player wants to have an "accident" with a prisoner it should be doable. I don't think the chance of death should be 100% though, so that bith normal prison breaks and "accident" prisonbreaks carry some degree of risk.
  3. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Another ancalimon thread

    Islam had a similar debate but (up until the early modern period at least), it settled on Al-Ghazali's idea that all atoms are part of god, even to the point where phenomena don't exist between moments. Essentially Allah re-creates all non-atomic phenomena every "frame". Sounds like horribly unoptimised code.

    Most monotheists who aren't philosophers don't actually care about this stuff. In most western philosophy there is a divide between matter and spirit, and the rest of the world mostly sees them as interlinked somehow, but you still get Catholicism and Protestantism all across the world in spite of this fundamental ontological difference. The Islamic debate over whether phenomena are part of God was more about the relationship between religion, the state, and science, and the weird atomic logic of Al Ghazali was used to justify locking off the spiritual realm from scientific or state-secular probing.
  4. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Where are the Devs

    Under normal circumstances, it would be. I'm well aware of that, but when we're talking about a government that spends so much resources on blatant propaganda to lie, not only to the world, but also to its own citizens? I'm truly sorry if it irks you, but this particular case is different. I don't want to go into too much details with this, because I don't want our friend here to think that foreigners hate them. As he said, he just wants to enjoy the game.

    China isn't like Russia. It's propaganda department is ****e. There is no Chinese equivalent of Russia Today, they haven't managed to prevent almost everyone in the west ridiculing them left right and centre, and many of the party leaders still think big red banners with slogans are the best way to disseminate party ideals.

    Either way, it is not possible purely through propaganda to make people like the government or its actions. Russia has probably the most sophisticated web of propaganda in the world besides America, but the moment pensions started to go down, Putin's popularity plummeted. Similarly americans have been bombarded with the entire spectrum of mainstream media telling them that the Iraq war was justified, only for nobody to think that after the fear of 9/11 wore off. So if jisiting is saying "you are exaggerating about the government", then unless he is the son of an offical or something, propaganda is not going to have given him that opinion.

    Back when there were a load of Turk nationalists denying the Armenian genocide I made sure not to say anything like "you are being brainwashed or misled by Turkish propaganda", because somebody could easily turn round and accuse me of being influenced by Western propaganda. The only way I can get my way out of this contradiction is to say that only I am intelligent and rational enough to know what's propaganda and what isn't, which is both arrogant and kind of Eurocentric.
  5. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Where are the Devs

    but your government is much scarier than you think.
    This is pretty arrogant imo. I get that most of the stuff in the news about China isn't great, but to tell someone who actually lives there that you know more than them about the state of their government comes across as chauvinisitic.

    There was a period a few years ago where every right wing news outlet in the entire western world was publishing stories about the UK and especially London, and for years I came into contact with Poles, Americans, Argentineans and countless others who were telling me stuff about my own home despite never having been here and understanding nothing about it besides a few articles they read and a few memes they saw. Not saying you're as bad as that, but this kind of attitude irks me a lot.
  6. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    If only taleworlds choosed another timeline.

    The gameplay problem is there is no gain from this, except being spared from another civil war for some time.
    Yeah it's not fun for the only "benefit" of your efforts ingame to be "it won't happen again for a while". I don't think the player should be additionally rewarded for absolutely everything they do right, but for an entire mechanic to have no positive rewards is just detrimental to enjoyability.
  7. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Problems with Bannerlord's Troop Trees... and Solutions

    Combat skills alone aren't going to be useful enough to make the difference up in equipment. A "specialist" peasant warrior wearing cloth and carrying a blacksmith's hammer is still going to get slaughtered by a longbowman, even if his combat stats are over 9000.

    I agree, which is why I think the entire combat system needs to be overhauled so that it's less about stats. I think at a very low level you could make most troop types a tradeoff between damage and protection. Of course there is nothing inherently preventing you from having crossbowmen in plate armour, but it breaks the game by making everything else completely redundant.

    It also doesn't make any sense from a realism perspective that you are paying your troops money to upgrade their combat stats, but not their weapons or armor, and their equipment all just stays the same no matter how long they stay with you.

    "Upgrading" doesn't make sense from a realism perspective either. I think their stats should just go up automatically when you fight, but equipment should stay the same. Combined with my previous suggestion, this would prevent 90% of troop types in the game being useless fodder.

    I wouldn't call it an issue at all. It's entirely realistic for well-trained, well-armed, well-armored troops to destroy poorly-trained and equipped ones, for starters. Players like having a satisfying sense of progression.

    Having a sense of linear progression only works if it's something long term and mostly permanent, eventually leading to the end of the game. But being forced to repeatedly grind up your army only for them to get whittled away (even if you are the greatest general who ever lived) is not fun. In some of my favourite strategy games, there are speedruns very skilled people have done using the "worst" unit in some unexpected way using the games mechanics. But because in Bannerlord only the stats matter, that is impossible. You can't even gain a decisive advantage by completely surrounding the enemy, its just stats.

    No army historically was completely comprised of heavily armoured professional infantry. And before you say "Rome", their armies were typically over 50% auxiliaries and light infantry or cavalry as well. Even when armour was readily available, it wasn't necessary to cover everyone in an inch of iron that they would then have to lug around for months and hundreds of miles. Even in the Roman military at its height, every 10 soldiers would have a handful of slaves carrying stuff around for them. Given how low casualty rates were in actual frontal engagements anyway, most military organisers prior to gunpowder were mostly concerned with actually getting a decent number of non-exhausted men to the battlefield, and armouring them was secondary.

    here, he mentions balearic slingers and how they were mostly wearing pelts and such. but he mentions that they sometimes were heavily armored and still used their slings when needed (10 minute mark).
    i found nothing about their economic class and the such so idk if they could afford armor but still wore pelts.

    Slingers throughout history were mostly herders and hill people, so they probably never interacted with money at all, and didn't live near large economic centres where they could get armour easily. This is the same with Numidian cavalry, who by all accounts were completely unarmoured and rode very light horses, but were devastating in the punic wars and were a common contingent in Roman armies for hundreds of years.
    There are some cases like how you mentioned above, where dedicated skirmishers would change equipment during the battle and then join the infantry, but in other situations (like turkish foot archers during the crusades) they would just go home once there was nothing else for them to easily shoot at.

    I think video games have really given light infantry and cavalry a bad rep. Most people seem to think "light" just means "****e". But there are multiple reasons not to armour a group of soldiers, and shortcomings of every kind of equipment which mean that no army can ever be comprised of just one formation of the same troop type.
  8. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Problems with Bannerlord's Troop Trees... and Solutions

    aren't light infantry and cavalry used because of the inability to get decent armor?

    If you are talking historically, not necessarily. Mounted javelinmen and slingers for example were not supposed to be counter-engaged by an enemy, or hold ground, or anything like that. It's pointless to provide armour to men who are specialised to harass infantry who can't strike back, or throw javelins and run. I think in the game this should be exaggerated so that heavy infantry can only walk while in formation or holding shields up, while light infantry can run everywhere and don't have to be as close together. Similarly light cavalry would just be too fast to catch by normal cavalry, but would rout instantly if there were no more heavy infantry on the battlefield or if they ran out of ammo.

    There was a lot of bluster before bannerlord launched about how the battanians were a hit and run faction that could run circles around slow empire infantry, but the moment the game released it was obvious that there was nothing like that. As much as I think the design of the Battanians is the worst in game, they are made even sillier by the fact that they all have to have heavy armour and infantry to keep up in a meta where only raw damage output and armour matter.

    Obviously what I'm suggesting would require a total rework of the AI and combat that I know is never going to happen so long as the development team is the same. But I don't think the game can truly be fixed without this kind of change.
  9. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    If only taleworlds choosed another timeline.

    Even if by some minuscule cosmic chance TW adds a plague feature it will certainly be half-arsed and play like ****e, so I don't dare in my right mind suggest they even contemplate the idea. But in an ideal world where developers bothered, what's inherently incompatible with implementing plagues / diseases in strategy games?

    Because the whole point of a plague is that it's something you can't prevent, it affects everyone, and it's devastating. If you change any of that it's not really a plague anymore. And the problem with this is that it's antithetical to a game where you choose different strategies or react in interesting ways to stimuli. For the most part, plagues and most other natural disasters just slow down the game. Even if the game is set in the 1300s, having a plague as something you know is coming is way more of a "oh here we go again" than "wow, can't wait to get to the plague bit!!!"

    Like off-map invasions and civil wars / rebellions, it's the third horseman in the "this sounds cool but actually sucks" strategy game apocalypse.
  10. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Problems with Bannerlord's Troop Trees... and Solutions

    like steppe people are known for their horse archery but not european armies. so how easy would you train vlandian troops to use it?
    maybe the system can be added to faction troops but they would require more experience to upgrade into something outside their faction's norms.

    What I mean is that I would ditch the troop tree entirely. The Vlandians will have a handful of troop types you can recruit, and maybe different buildings or policies provide more types, but once you have them you can only upgrade their stats. It's always bothered me how half the game is just training up unarmed recruits by throwing them at bandits, and how every army basically ends up the same because there is no disadvantage to levelling up to the top tier.

    What the upgrade system also does, is that it leaves no room for specialists. Currently every upgrade has to be better in every way by the game's logic, so the guys at the bottom are completely useless, while the guys at the top massacre the low tiers in every possible situation. Even with armour having been nerfed to hell, this is still an issue.

    but i don't feel it integrates well with the premise of the game. that each group of people have their own way of waging war.

    If this premise is so rigid that it implies a clearly defined "best" army composition for each faction then I think it needs to be changed.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think that factions should have no constraints in army composition. I just think that these differences should be a lot more nuanced than just "good at range" or "good infantry" which are diversifications that will actually reduce variety in gameplay, seeing as you spend hours and hours with one faction against another.

    Say you're going up against the generic ass empire factions. Instead of the same top tier infantry and cataphract spam 1000000 times, I would like to see specialist troops like light infantry and cavalry actually being dangerous to heavy infantry in some scenarios, so that no army you bring is guaranteed to win or even be reliably advantageous against a given faction.
  11. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Problems with Bannerlord's Troop Trees... and Solutions

    With these changes, the average Aserai army you fight will be more powerful at range than any other faction, letting off a huge volley of arrows and javelins at the start of a battle to wreak havoc with static enemy formations or take down circling horse archers with superior accuracy. When fighting them, the player could change their tactics to focus on shieldwalls to absorb the ranged spam, or exploit the Aserai's lack of pikes by sending in cavalry charges.

    This is only marginally less shallow than the base game. You can kind of get away with it in a traditional RTS game where you typically don't fight the same enemies or army types for very long, or there are multiple situations in the game, or there are multiple factions per team, but in Bannerlord you'll be up against the aserai for something like 6 hours because of how wars work. This means the exact same tactic of hiding behind shields every time you fight them, because they are arbitrarily and uniformly better at range rather than situationally.

    The same applies to your other suggestions too, where you yourself have outlined the optimal tactic for beating them. It just becomes a matter of making sure you have the right troop composition for that tactic and then doing it over and over again. This is kind of what players do anyway.

    Personally I do not like the troop upgrade system at all. I don't think it makes any sense in the context of the game, and the linear progression of all units from "****e" to "good" really harms the variety and just becomes a non-decision once you have the money.
    A much more dynamic system would be to allow you to recruit pretty much anything, but to give all troop types a role and have them be good at something. Instead of upgrading equipment, you would upgrade their stats. An unarmoured spearman would stay unarmoured, but he would get better at what he does. Light cavalry would get faster, archers would get more accurate etc.
    This means that if you face a different army composition, you aren't always using the same tactics just because it's the same faction. The Aserai could come at you with a ton of heavy infantry if that's what the army leader favours. There might be an ex-Khuzait lord who hates infantry and has nothing but cavalry. I think this is a much better solution than just giving each faction a broad advantage that doesn't really differentiate battles much more than now.
  12. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    If only taleworlds choosed another timeline.

    When Bannerlord actually works, mechanistically, as envisaged, would some like to then see occasional plagues erode factions strengths as a random " disrupter " and an interesting challenge to otherwise " smooth sailing "?

    I have never seen plague in a strategy game do anything other than just wipe out player progress. If there is no interesting way to avoid or interact with a game mechanic, it shouldn't be in the game. What "challenge" is there to randomly have half your troops die?

    The timeline is GREAT actually.
    It involves a time where a huge empire is crumbling and lots of contenders are coming in to feast on the carcass. So it means variety, a good context to have lots of war, very different factions, and more importantly a narrative support for either restoring said empire to glory or replace it.
    What is there that is actually bad about the timeline ? It's basically a perfect setup for the kind of story that a player would be the hero of.

    The problem is that nothing like this happens in the game, and I don't envision the developers ever differentiating between factions on a strategic or political level other than tiny boring paradox-style stat boosts. The only thing people can hope for now is a better aesthetic, which is why it's disappointing that they went for an era typically portrayed as grey and boring.

    (Funnily enough half the gear in the game is from after the period warband is supposed to be in, but that's another story)
  13. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Is M&B Banerlord EA the weirdest game development experience ever?

    I'd rate BL "standard development hell mediocrity".

    To add to this, I think what makes Bannerlord feel exceptionally bad is that it is, at best, marginally better than warband, making you much more likely to think "what the hell are they doing?" Going from "niche indie breakout hit" to "bloated mediocre rehash" is quite the tonal whiplash. But when you compare it to the horrific state that is the game industry post 2017-18 or so, bannerlord really isn't that out of the ordinary. Bad releases and development hell are the norm now.

    Honestly as much as I rage about bannerlord, it is the newest game I've played by about 5 years, and if I hadn't burned myself out on warband a decade ago and was just coming at it as a fresh title, it would have seemed like the best most innovative game of the last 4 years. Sad but true.
  14. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Companions remind player to level them up.

    as a way to create immersion

    I can't think of anything less immersive than an NPC popup telling me, "Level me up!!". The levelling system is abstracted "outside" the logic of the game world itself, so any interaction with it should also be abstracted in the UI.
  15. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Why Taleworlds still care about crashing?

    why TW does not seem to do even multi/several-scenario unittests to cover top 10-20 potential issues with what they do and catches exceptions they can easely handle another way.

    Unit tests in the gaming industry? ho ho ho

    I've heard from people who work on games that the standards are far far worse than any other type of tech job. Basic stuff you would expect from a large project like a similar coding paradigm or even just tests in general are often absent from video game projects, especially the big budget ones. Part of this is because nobody is going to sue you or lose millions of dollars if a game crashes, but also because the origin of a lot of these companies is small informal college projects between random nerds.

    Having looked at some of Armagan's earliest work (back in almost 2001), he is a weird coder. He likes coding small pet applications to reduce his workload, but ignoring crashes or widespread errors deep in the code so long as the game runs 90% of the time. To be honest this is how most big gaming companies work nowadays, but in Bannerlord it is accentuated because of how many mechanics they have added.

    So it's better to pump things out not so quickly. You give time for players to test that version, and give the devs time to analyze that version properly.

    I feel like they should do the opposite actually. Funnelling into a branch hole where the game doesn't even compile for 3 months is like how I used to code. I guess it's too late now, but I would almost like there to be a continuous integration type deal where you can choose to load code binaries directly from a github and the whole project is made mostly functional in the main branch on a weekly or even daily basis (but I don't know how much branching they're doing internally)

    The problem I feel now is that people are reporting bugs for versions of the game that no longer exist. If the last patch was say 3 months ago, it's not like the developers are just sitting on their asses waiting for bug reports to roll in, they've probably already started on other things, making it even harder for them to revert all that to find the bug report made back in july. The bigger the gap between patches the more extreme this will become, to the point where the bug reports are functionally useless.
  16. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    corona? :(

    That being said, I'm seeing a lot of hate against anti-vaxxers here.

    Most people on this forum are West European or American, where "anti-vaxxer" conjures up the image of an entitled karen who doesn't actually care about vaccination risks, they just hate being told what to do and see all commands as a form of humiliation. So saying you haven't taken the vaccine will immediately make euromericans think you're one of those people.
  17. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition


    "I'm gonna be the bannerlord, Jerry"
    "The bannerlord? Are you nuts? Dontcha know how much grinding that is?"
    "Hey, it's not about the grind, Jerry"
    "Then what is it? Are you achievement hunting or something?"
    "*Pop* You got it buddy"
  18. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Siege AI fixed next patch!!...Maybe?

    A fixed and working (good) siege AI isn´t more than a marginal improvment? Would you have preffered another Battanian helmet? Improved apple textures?

    We are not getting much with each update most of the time, so this is huge and was requested since the beginning of the EA (which is still a bad joke that they took 1,5 years for this fix).

    No matter how fun they make sieges, the game still expects you to do dozens or even hundreds of them in a single playthrough. As Grank said, the best most optimal and least frustrating way to play the game is to execute everyone. Making it more feasible to starve out or force surrender on defenders would make it less annoying when a 10-20 minute siege results in a city being recaptured or rebelling a few days later.
  19. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    I've noticed in the latest version of Bannerlord, a certain animation for npc females is gone & Banner Customization

    Nothing is more awkward and unfunny than posting "Whooooshhh" at two people who were both joking.

    I am reverting Bannerlord to 1.5.4.

    So because she doesn't do one animation, you leave her in a broken version of the game to rot forever? Does 1.5.5 Liena know you're cheating on her with 1.5.4 Liena, you sick bastard?
  20. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    I've noticed in the latest version of Bannerlord, a certain animation for npc females is gone & Banner Customization

    It's the one where they look up at you(the male player), and their eyes are all cute, with that smile.

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