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  1. PsykoOps

    Weapon balances?

    Is there any plans to reduce some weapon accuracies? The pinpoint accuracy of the pistols for example is ridicilous. I play a medic and that revolver is ridicilously easy to shoot over great distances. So yes, I'm hoping my class gets nerfed.
  2. PsykoOps

    Cursor movement fps drop and invisibility.

    Whenever I move the mouse cursor on menus or worldmap there is a huge fps drop and the cursor is invisible. It can drop all the way to 0. I have seen topics of similar issues but not quite the same. The fps drop is very sudden so I made a little video to show it. The fps meter however doesn't...
  3. PsykoOps

    Question about warband modding.

    First of all, feel free to send this topic flying to the right board if this is not it. I'm not sure if those mod boards are for warband or just m&b. The question: Is it possible to mod the armor models so that only your own team has the modified armors and the other team would have the normal ones?
  4. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion] Make rebel factions different from the original.

    We tried swadia vs. swadia and currently they're exact mirros of each other. Even the banner is the same and the faction name. Also there is no way of knowing who is friend and who enemy if you don't have the floating banners enabled. On top of these issues I'd like some different gear for...
  5. PsykoOps

    Superjumping locations?

    I'm thinking filming something that would require super jumping (ZHG thx for the idea). So where's the spot that sends you flying highest and furthest? Screenshot would be great. Any instructions also welcome :)
  6. PsykoOps

    [Question/bug/feature] Arrows at high angles.

    I just tested on two maps and shot my arrows at very high angles, beyond 45 degrees. They seem not to come all the way down to ground and vanish at some point. They didn't go through the 'sky ceiling' because I saw them coming down. Even arrows that were shot as high of an angle as you could...
  7. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion] Shield holding and invisible force field

    First of all I'd like to point to this video which explains shields holding quite well. I know it's been posted before but on the offchange the devs haven't seen it. So suggestions: Change shield holding to a handle on the center of the shield. You can...
  8. PsykoOps

    Second cameraman for a warband movie? Need someone with same specs.

    I have an idea to film duels from 2 computers and then synching up the footage and showing it in splitscreen. To do it properly I'd need someone who  has the same resolution and graphics detail level as my computer and a registered copy of fraps. Also location should be in EU for a low ping...
  9. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion / Bug] Problem with item slots.

    This is a topic I've meant to do for a long while but forgot about it. It seems that if I see a better weapon than my free scimitar as an archer and I drop the scim to pick something up the game doesn't recognize that I replaced the scimitar. If I live to the next round I spawn with a new free...
  10. PsykoOps

    Idea for an archery target.

    Got this idea for an archery target which would be awesome for long range longbow shooting. First you'd need a wall. From blanks or insulation bricks or whatever you can get your hands on. Then take an image for example a knight riding on horseback or crossbowman shooting from behind a pavise...
  11. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion] Staggering changes

    Make it so that it only happens if you're aiming a bow or an xbow. Also add it to all classes even if they're armed with melee weapons.
  12. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion] New idea for stamina howto

    Instead of stamina bars etc. how bout a recovery time penalty that increases if you keep the action up. Like an archer who shoots continously after for example 10 arrows the stamina starts to kick in and the reloading time starts to increase in small increments. No need for stamina bars or such...
  13. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion] Logging and statistics

    I noticed something peculiar, I was in duel server with the option 'show kills' or whatever it is called turned off. Then someone sneaked behind me and killed me. I hit the L-key to see it from the logs and it wasn't there. I suggest that even if the option to turn the kills off is used the logs...
  14. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion] Fix the 1st person xbow view.

    Having played around little with 1st person and xbow without crosshairs it has become quite obvious that the view is way too far to left. The way you aim an xbow is that you look down the bolt directly from over it. Currently it is too much to the left. I would've posted screenshots to make the...
  15. PsykoOps

    [suggestion] Restrict weapons from going through walls etc.

    This would then interrupt chambering a large weapon in tight spaces such as the hallway in castle 3. They should then get appropriate penalties. Huge weapons such as bardiche etc. would be nearly useless in small spaces.
  16. PsykoOps

    [suggestion] New 'entry level' heavy horse.

    Having played on the zombie server as swadian cavalry against nords I noticed how only a handfull had bought warhorses or chargers. Even though we were charging right into nord lines. I myself actually started with a courser and the only real disadvantage was that it was more prone to rear. I...
  17. PsykoOps

    Full size battle simulations?

    I'm watching a bbc or H channel documentary series decisive battles and came to think how close with computers of 2009 you could get to actual 1:1 scale simulations? This program was done in 2004 and uses rome total war for the 'simulation' which is more like a demo. If you could have modern...
  18. PsykoOps

    New forum stuff

    One thing that seems to bug is the these buttons: Also don't see the tagging tools for /img /url etc. on reply. Tried looking in my profile if they're hidden or something but couldn't find anything. [Edit to add] Using firefox on winxp and here my font settings:
  19. PsykoOps

    [suggestion] Stop thrusting attacks from going through the horse

    I just tested this with swords and lances and with both weapons you can thrust straight through the horse. This will only bring back the old days of pump thrusting and I suggest that it'll get fixed asap.
  20. PsykoOps

    [Suggestion] Add quarter staff as a free weapon for vaegir archers

    And make the scimitar cost money. I'd take it as it is but with tuning it would be good also. My ideal one would be very fast maybe even the fastest weapon in game. However it would do very little to no damage depenging armor and it wouldn't interrupt enemy attacks at all or very rarely.
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