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  1. YnØs

    [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    Suggestion for a mod (i'm surprised it isn't in the list yet since it existed in almost every warband mods) :

    "Freelancer" mod : Being able to join a vassal's army as a common soldier,
    - with a combat experience system : with experience in battles (from killing ennemies and participating in battles) you would level up and be promoted to the next tier troop
    - combined with that a companion experience system : the longer you are in his service, the more experience you gain, which can make him trust you more and send you on more important tasks for him (for example scout < deliver messages < recruit troops < protect his caravans < collect taxes,...) making you later an actual companion with your "own" troops and become part of his clan until you get enough renown to be proposed as vassalage from the king
    - a rebellion option : the better renown you have, combined with the lower the morale of the army is (and maybe with some other factors like the lord's personality i don't know), the more chance you have to leave the army with a higher number of troops and become an independent army or a deserter party
    Those are just examples, it could be a lot richer in functionnalities but I'm not a modder (and don't plan to be) so I don't know what can be done and what can't be.

    I don't know if the devs said it would be implemented into the main game later (if they did it would explain why their isn't a mod of it yet) but freelance is really important for me, i don't want to bother roaming like a hobbo from village to village to recruit peasants to kill looters for their dirty socks to sell lol. I just want to start the game as a soldier and actually have fun.
  2. YnØs

    SP Native Nox's Simple Slow-Motion

    Thanks, good mod for training melee :wink:
  3. YnØs

    Questions and Answers (Q&A)

    Nevermind was checking if you were alive xd
  4. YnØs

    Questions and Answers (Q&A)

    @Redleg Testing the @ notifications
  5. YnØs

    Suggestions for Versions after 2.5

    Soon ?  :dead:
  6. YnØs

    Mod Description for Version 2.52 and earlier

    Redleg said:
    By the way, I am going to be releasing version 3 of the mod very soon (likely by this coming Sunday).

    Finally :party: I had to uninstall Bannerlord's beta because not enough space on HDD for update.
  7. YnØs

    Suggestions for Versions after 2.5


    I like this mod and I saw you were working on v3, could you add the bodysliding feature (also called auxiliary) ? And also the advanced tournament system.
    If it is too late for v3 maybe for a future version, but those are 2 features which I almost can not play without  :ohdear:

    Either way still waiting for v3 to replay your mod.

    EDIT : also if you could add the "drag all" feature, for example rescuing all prisoners and taking all prisoners at once with I think ctrl+A+click (i don't remember which mod had this feature)
  8. YnØs

    Prisoner "Leaving" the party

    Ok thanks.
  9. YnØs

    Prisoner "Leaving" the party

    Same problem here, they left my party less than 24h later.
  10. YnØs

    Dev Blog 17/08/17


    I'd rather have a beta right now, and participate in the development by reporting bugs etc.
    We're not stupid, we know what a beta means, the game is not finished and might have some bugs or features not working/fully implemented. Plus it will allow us to really see the progress of development. Because honestly I don't care about news etc... I'm tired of it
    What exactly stops them from releasing a beta ?
  11. YnØs

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    Hey, has the bodyslide option already been suggested ? I really like it, it makes the battles less boring when you get knocked since you never stop fighting, plus you have the occasion to test your troops.
  12. YnØs

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Is there a tweak to allow PC to overthrow the current king of his faction in 3.8 ? Or is it already possible ?
    I've joined the Fierdsvain and captured several fiefs so I don't want to loose everything, just want to become the new king.

    I know I can revolt after I've been denied the fief I just captured as a vassal, but I'd rather do some sort of a coup, asking every lord if they are interested to join me if I do it. I'm sure it exists on some mods.
  13. YnØs

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I'm not going to wait 1 more year... or even 6 months, hype's gone  :dead:
  14. YnØs

    Bug player duplicate

    Hey, My character is in prison but I can still play normally. I joined a portuguese lord's army, we lost a battle so we get caught prisoners, and 1 day after the enemy lord captured us I escaped from the town he was in. But it didn't say that I had to rejoin my lord's army in the quest menu...
  15. YnØs

    Floris Evolved (Sub Mod - Released)

    Hey, I don't have any notes appearing while travelling on the map, same in battle, it doesn't show casualties.

    In the "notes" tab on the map, it says :
    "at simple trigger trigger no: 158.
    at simple trigger trigger no: 158.
    unrecognized opcode 43 01.; LINE NO: 1:
    at simple trigger trigger no: 158.
    at simple trigger trigger no: 158.
    unrecognized opcode 43 01.; LINE NO: 1:" etc...  :sad:

    EDIT: Alright I guess I was supposed to launch the game with 'Floris Evolved.exe' but it looks less smooth
  16. YnØs

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Are the bandit camps available in this mod ?
    I received a quest from Tywin Lannister "Destroy Bandit Lair" but I didn't find any, even while using the "view the whole map" cheat  :???:
  17. YnØs

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Yes it is, I had to create a new save for today and skaven/britonnia Orcs/Dwarf and Gobelin/Zombies are in peace already, so I'll see tomorrow if the war comes back or not  :razz: (I'll edit this message if it does)
  18. YnØs

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Borosev said:
    I think the constant peace problem was fixed. There was a post a couple of pages down...

    Yeah well I had to download a file (haven't tested it yet) but it should figure in the first post  :mrgreen:

    EDIT : btw are the developers still working on it ? Because it says "Beta" and the mod was released in 2010
  19. YnØs

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Hey, I tried to search before, but 225 pages is a lot :s

    I wanted to know if it was normal that no kingdom are at war, they are all in peace (almost 300 days atm) ? And also Im a vassal of Chaos Kingdom, but only me is at war with the dwarves and britonnia, so when I capture a dwarf castle for example, they won't try to get it back because it is Chaos Castle now.
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