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  1. WilliamWallce

    [BEAST#4] Division A - Weekly Match Results

    Simia Gentem [SGM] 11 (3) - (1) 3 [KW D] Keyboard Warriors Dark




  2. WilliamWallce

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup [BDC] (64/64 Players)

    Name : William Wallace
    Nationality : Scottish
    Main Class : Infantry
    Steam Link :
    TW ID : WillyWally#4808
  3. WilliamWallce

    [BEAST#2] Division A - Week 4

    Why does it matter? The rounds do not matter unless Buchholz score fails to determine the "better" team when having the same amount of points.

    I really don't understand why we count sets won instead of rounds. If a team wins a map 3:0 and 3:0 and then loses 3:2 and 3:2, it's pretty obvious who had the upper edge and IMO should be the winner of the match. The current system is demotivating at best. Is there an explanation for this decision? Or are we just pretending it is a better system than what we had in the past (Warband)?

    @Ikea Knight @Aeronwen

    While it’s obviously frustrating to tie the game having dominated large portions of it, I think the outcome is ultimately fair, at least in the context of this tournament. It was a great game and a good comeback from DR, the onus was on us to win one of the last two sets and we couldn’t manage it. GG’s, well deserved :grin:.
  4. WilliamWallce

    [BEAST#1] Semifinals

    GGs guys was fun, good luck in the final :grin:
  5. WilliamWallce

    Members character images

    Thats my character image btw @Aeronwen
  6. WilliamWallce

    Members character images

    thnks shaha I am the ultimate boomer
  7. WilliamWallce

    Members Class Choices

    Infantry: 1
    Ranged: 2
    Cavalry: 3
  8. WilliamWallce

    Still crashing since hotfix

    Immediately after the hotfix yesterday, the game started to crash anytime I joined a skirm server. I left it for a while, came back and everything was hunky-dory but I've just logged on again today, tried to play 3 or 4 games, and have crashed straight after warmups every time. I saw a couple...
  9. WilliamWallce

    Unban Request - The Boss

    Bump , Bump , Bumpityy
  10. WilliamWallce

    Unban Request - The Boss

    Haha! its funny because i was also enspired by that movie, but it was more the theme song that had me going... Its hilarious
  11. WilliamWallce

    Unban Request - The Boss

    Name i was using - (It is rather offensive and immature) Boss_Nigger Servers i was banned from - Eu1 What was happening when i was banned - I was about to leave and change my name like requested after leaving a comment when i was banned... Time and Date - 12 pm 16/08/12 Timezone - Gmt (Bst) User...
  12. WilliamWallce

    Shogun EVENT (Event over)

    What is your steam name?:William_Wallace(Braveheart)
    What is your in-game name?:William_Wallace
    Do you have any experience commanding?:Well i did command a few rebels against a larger, better equipped english army once, but it wasnt that big if a deal :wink:.
    How well do you handle stress?: Verrrry well i handle it by telling the person thats stressing me out that i'll shove my fist down his throat
    Do you know how to use ts whispers properly?:
    What faction would you like to join?:Mori
    What kind of samurai/Daimyo would you like to be?:Archer
    Do you honestly think you will be able to attend this event?:razz:OSITIVE,MABYE. YES.

    I just looked at roster and seen there was no archer samurai  so... here.
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