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  1. Need More Info Multiplayer crashes on start PT. 2

    I've tried everything, it's unfixable. Simple as. It's a tiny group of players that seem to have this problem, which is probably why it's just being ignored.

    Only real option is refund and remove from my steam account, but as I say, steam won't do that so I need to know how to complain/log this?
  2. Need More Info Multiplayer crashes on start PT. 2

    I'm having the same issue and I'm fed up with it, as much as I love the Single Player campaign, sometimes I just wanna jump into MP and have a fight. But I've sent crash report, after crash report, after crash report and nothing - steam won't refund me because of my playtime understandably being over the four hours, as it used to work fine. It's really getting on my nerves and ideally, I think, I'd like my money back as no one seems to be reacting to the reports or anything. Sorry to moan, always have been a big fan, but now feeling really frustrated. Can I request a refund directly from these guys or does it HAVE to be through steam?
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