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  1. kt0

    What are slots?

    A slot is an ID where you can get/set a value on an object in the module system.  Operators typically take the form of *_get_slot and *_set_slot where * is your favorite party/troop/faction/whatever.  The value will stay that way until it's set again.  Hilarity can ensue if you use a slot that someone else is already using. 

    edit>  CutContent beat me to it.
  2. kt0

    McGonagall's scripted battle has only the "Leave" option

    I've been pretty successful debugging this and was able to hack my local txt files to get past the issue.  If anyone really wants (and is brave enough) I can provide a TheMageLord style hack.

    It looks like the dialog in question (dlga_camp10mac02_) is assigning to and adding troops to p_main_party a local variable copied in from reg0 and then calling change_screen_return.  I strongly suspect that the end of this dialog is winding up in the simple encounter game menu (menu_simple_encounter) and failing the precondition check.  This check seems to be unchanged from Warband and looks like this:
      (eq, "$encountered_party_friendly", 0),
      (neg|troop_is_wounded, "trp_player"),

    I believe the check is failing because $encountered_party_friendly is non-zero since it's probably the (currently) friendly town (Belize for me, don't know if this is constant) as setup in game_event_party_encounter.  In fact, if I disable that eq check I'm able to have the scripted fight and continue on the main quest.  Hopefully this won't cause any issues with my save. So far no issues with my save.

    And since I don't get over here too much anymore...BLAM
  3. kt0

    McGonagall's scripted battle has only the "Leave" option

    This derails the starting quest line.  From picking through the txt files my best guess is that the dialog results that start the battle aren't set up properly.  I may take another look again this evening to see if I can't hand-patch it into a working state.  I'll post further details here...
  4. kt0

    OSP Code Campaign Obedient Lords

    One of the things I always hated in Native is that I could never get friendly lord parties to follow me to war for any appreciable length of time.  Oh, sure, they'd follow me for a few paces, but every time an unfriendly party came into view, they'd peel off and leave me on my own.  This made it...
  5. kt0

    Companion limit

    Conquest has 22 companions which is notable in being greater than 20.  I don't remember there being any outstanding bugs with companions minus the handful of strings I never filled in for rehiring and whatnot. 

    I do not believe there's a hardcoded (engine-side) limit for the number of companions that you can have in the game.  There are softcoded (script-side) limitations scattered around that you'll have to resolve.  The biggest of these (IIRC) is where it sets the companion responses in slots and where it handles companions being unhappy.  It's been a while since I thought about this stuff so YMMV.

  6. kt0

    Conquest! (v0.70 released July 3rd)

    Sir William Kelland said:
    I believe that the stables, barracks ect are for the towns/castles that you give to your lords. If you keep a town or castle for yourself i don't think they work for the player ... so you have to garrison your own castle and raise your own troops yourself. Build those troop buildings for your lords castles and towns.
    You are correct that you have to garrison your own castles and towns yourself, though you do get a handful of garrison troops when you capture one.  You are incorrect about the recruitment buildings, however.  These are solely for the player; AI lords won't recruit from them.  Once built, they recruit a nonzero amount of troops every week until they hit their maximums.  These should be available in the castle/town menu when there are new soldiers available. 
  7. kt0

    Conquest! (v0.70 released July 3rd)

    No news at the moment.  My modding time right now isn't what it was back in May so things aren't going to proceed as quickly as they had been.
  8. kt0

    Changing the Troop Cost

    If you're talking about wages, at the end of game_get_troop_wage you can add something like this (in red):
    (neq, ":troop_id", "trp_player"),
    (neq, ":troop_id", "trp_kidnapped_girl"),
    (neg|is_between, ":troop_id", pretenders_begin, pretenders_end),
    (val_max, ":wage", 1),

    (eq, ":troop_id", "trp_this_guy_is_free"),
    (assign, ":wage", 0),

    (assign, reg0, ":wage"),
    (set_trigger_result, reg0),

    Note that the block above the red stuff forces zero values to one, so you'll have to stick it underneath it. 
  9. kt0

    A good free photo shop program

    I'm partial to  You can find it here:
  10. kt0

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Hader said:
    I encountered a bug while testing my mod where all AI parties seem to not notice I am there...basically, whenever I encounter any party that should care about my presence (so any hostile parties basically), they never acknowledge my presence. Bandits do not run from me or try to attack me, they patrol constantly and do not confront me for anything. I believe this has to to with parties.txt , though I do not know where the problem lies after my hours of searching.
    Check the trigger that calls party_set_bandit_attraction in  Put some print statements in there to see what's going on.
  11. kt0

    How long would it take to learn how to code?

    Anyone who is detail oriented with a leaning toward logic can learn or be taught to code in a relatively short time.  Learning to code well is another thing altogether.  I've had coworkers in the same role as I who in 20 years never learned the basics and students who picked stuff up fairly advanced stuff with incredible speed.

    It took me about two calendar weeks to get to the point that I felt I could make whatever changes I wanted.  In that time I rewrote the autoresolver, evaluated the bulk of the OSP assets, built about half of my item converter in a new language (txt->CSV->tuples written in Ruby) and patched various bits of the compilation process to play nicer.  From roughly that point on, the limiting factor has been time.  Then again, I've been doing this kind of stuff for more than a decade.  YMMV.

    If you just want to munge data like items and parties and whatnot, that stuff's all trivial if a bit tedious.  If you want to add/modify/remove functionality, then you're talking about logic and program flow which will take a bit longer, especially if you're not already experienced with it. 

  12. kt0

    the loot system

    I haven't actually run the numbers to be certain, but I think it's better to do stuff like this:

    I've seen some weirdnesses where I load up a set of guys with double loots like this:

    and they end up with two weapon1s and zero lances or vice versa.  I don't know the actual probabilities for things where tf_guarantee flags aren't involved.  Hopefully someone will chime in with more info.  These are probabilities, though, so doubling them up doesn't ensure that those items show up in the potential loot pool. 

    Both scripts live in  If you want a listing of all the scripts in that file, you can look in (ifn' you were curious). 

    If you're ever looking for something, I highly recommend doing a "find in files" text search for the term in question.  Edit++ and Textpad will do this.  Many other editors have similar features as well.  If you're not using an editor that has a "find in files feature", then get one!  :mrgreen:  Thus equipped, you can easily answer such questions as "where is this called?", "what things have I marked as #HACK?", and my perennial favorite, "where is convert_to_fixed_point called?  I can't for the life of me remember how to use it."  A fun reference is also which lists all the built-in functions you can call (in case you were wondering). 
  13. kt0

    the loot system

    Stuff that's equipped on a troop never show up in the loot pile at the end of the fight.  Furthermore, unless you change it from Native's version, the more troops you have, the less chance you have of nabbing an item.  The first is somewhat ameliorated by doubling up equipment lists.  The second is fixed through hacking up the code in party_calculate_loot.  Specifically, the loot probability factors in the total number of troops in your army as calculated in calculate_main_party_shares.  Also note that heroes never drop loot. 
  14. kt0

    Conquest! (v0.70 released July 3rd)

    Robis said:
    I'd like to signal a bug, or maybe it is me that is wrong. Inventory Management seems not working to me. I have 9 management but my storage is still too little .. There are no signals of improvements since i started to increase the stat.
    Count the total number of slots you have against a character with fewer points in the skill.  If the character with more points doesn't have more inventory space, that's a problem. 

    Darth_Infamous said:
    how do we do we give ourselves back the castles/town ?
    I stand corrected.  At one point I added the player to the list as the first entry but took it out prior to ship due to other issues.  I'll see about adding it back for next version. 
  15. kt0

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Hader said:
    I have searched everywhere for info on making an 'auto continuation' in battle, so when you get knocked out, the battle can still continue and your forces can still win without you. I have seen it featured in some mods, but I cannot find out how to change it on my own, for my own mod. Can someone point me in the right direction?
    Start here:,63178.msg1641483.html#msg1641483.  Note the correction later in the discussion and the link to MartinF's discussion of the same topic:,61929.msg1603855.html#msg1603855.  I'm sure there's more around.
  16. kt0

    item editor and teh module system

    If you want to use both the module system and the item editor, I've got a couple scripts that can move changes in item_kinds1.txt to module system tuples.  You can find them here:,59985.0.html

    Make sure you back up your files before attempting anything tricky.

  17. kt0

    Conquest! (v0.70 released July 3rd)

    Robis said:
    And if i give it to a lord, will i receive taxes or not ?
    If you give away a fief, you no longer receive taxes for it.  Note that when you award a town, the associated villages do not go with it.  When you give a castle, its associated village does go with it.
    Robis said:
    oh, and again. i have 1 lord as prisoner. how can i recuit him (relationshiop = 0 )
    And Swadia kingodm has been destroyed. How can i recuit the swadian lords ?
    At relationship zero, you will be unable to convince your captive to join your cause.  Once a faction has been defeated, its lords will jump ship for greener pastures periodically.  The more they like you, the more likely they are to join your banner.
  18. kt0

    Conquest! (v0.70 released July 3rd)

    Darth_Infamous said:
    it could be awesome if we could make our companions into lords and give them castles and/or towns
    This isn't in the cards.

    Heaven Knight said:
    Spear Bracing would be nice, Battle Morale or The Eagle and The Radiant Cross mod formations ( I think adding both of them just break the game and i chose that formations because you can order them to follow another unit, banner dude, or follow yourself and just some can be in formation and when the commander of the formation dies they just break and charge )
    Battle morale is also not in the cards.  Spear bracing and better tactical AI are possibilities but they have fairly far-reaching effects and likely wouldn't appear in forms you'd recognize.  I haven't thought through all the ramifications yet due to time constraints so this is in no way a guarantee. 
    Darth_Infamous said:
    and we should be able to change our faction units (swadian/vaegir/nord etc.) anytime we want and also when you give a castle or town to a lord, we should be able to take it back anytime we wants.
    The first isn't going to happen.  The second is already possible. 

  19. kt0

    M&B 50% off all week at Paradox!

    I will point out that this is especially good for those of us with money-conscious friends who have been waiting for "a big sale" to get hooked.  Huzzah!
  20. kt0

    Conquest! (v0.70 released July 3rd)

    Stoner2109 said:
    I was in the middle of a campaign in Swadia and I received the message that taxes were due, so instead of abandoning my campaign and losing my momentum to go collect taxes myself I decided to just send out tax collectors(something I had never done before). Two days later the collectors returned to me with about half as much money as I was expecting, do you lose money for using tax collectors?
    You shouldn't lose money for using tax collectors.  If you visit a bunch of fiefs between taxes being due and the tax collectors returning, the tax collectors won't get anything from those fiefs.
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