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  1. In Progress Talking to specific NPC crashes game

    CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: Rx 590 RAM:16GB DDR4 Storage: 1SSD and HDD. Mount and blade 2: Bannerlord is on the HDD version on steam: e1.5.4 Summary: Talking to the specific NPC in the screenshot crashes the game. How to Reproduce:Go to Poros when you own it and find the NPC. Then talk to them and...
  2. Not leveling leadership?

    My leadership isn't leveling even though my troops have 70 morale and I have as many points as I could put into it. I also made sure to have food diversity but nothing is working? It's at x7.24 learning rate.
  3. Resolved AI troops will not use ladders or siege towers properly.

    AI troops will not use ladders or siege towers properly, when my troops raise ladders or siege towers, they will most commonly use the middle ladder. Sometimes there will be 2-3 troops actively climbing the other ladders. But usually there is traffic in the middle ladder with troops at the...
  4. Resolved When doing a siege against a enemy city, troops will not use siege towers and will stand at the walls.

    When doing a siege, my troops wouldn't use the siege towers to climb them. I then decided to tell all my troops to charge. The archers would shoot and attack but melee troops would just stand at the wall. This has happened with both siege towers. I did not use a battering ram. Settlement: Razih...
  5. Need More Info List of graphic glitches.

    Summary: Muiltiple graphical glitches that do not affect gameplay have been found How to Reproduce: Self explanatory? Campaign map glitches happens when you walk through them. Caravan walking through the river happens when it runs away from a enemy Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media...
  6. Need More Info When selecting the calvary group, character will call them infantry.

    When you start a new game your character will normally call your Calvary horses, I was surprised because I thought it was a well known glitch about calvary being called infantry. Guess it was just me Steps to re-create: Version: e1.0.9 Step 1:Create a new save file Step 2: When in combat, first...
  7. Need More Info Game crashes randomly at the same time every time

    I was walking around trying to persuade nobles to join my empire, I chose to restore the empire. I had crashed before and I don't know exactly why. But I think it has to do with a battle in a siege starting, the army joining, then the noble I talked to joining later. EDIT: I avoided the city...
  8. Need More Info Game crashed after convincing Aserai noble to join me

    I had already convinced an Aserai noble to join me, so I got two people, since 1 other person was in the clan. The 2nd Aserai noble I convinced, then after I exited the text it crashed.
  9. Creating a party from your companion gives you free troops.

    How to re-create: Step 1: Create a party from a companion Step 2: When you create it troops are spawned in the party. Take all the troops the new party has. Step 3: Hit the done button. Step 4: After taking...
  10. Need More Info Textures messed up.

    Forgot what town. To recreate it you can entire a town by clicking "talk a walk through town"
  11. Need More Info Items in inventory when compared will show wrong icons.

    When comparing items. Usually a horse or sword. It will show the wrong icon. Usually reversed.
  12. Need More Info Single-Player: Auto resolving siege while in a army crashes the game

    I was in a army and winning battle against a castle, was trying to complete the main storyline. After the 2nd castle I decide I would auto-resolve it. I saw the troop numbers going down then when the enemy only had around 4 troops and I thought we would win the game crashed. I was in a army of...
  13. Need More Info Rescuing troops does not count torwards creating a non-imperial kingdom or imperial faction

    I had rescued some troops alot and noticed my quest was stuck at 70/100 troops. Even though currently i have 92. I assume it's because it doesn't count troops I rescue from bandits.
  14. Need More Info Talking to your own caravan will you give you the default conversation for caravans.

    Saw my own caravan with it's green name, recognized the name as it's my companion. he talked to me like I'm a stranger. Telling me the caravan was owned by me, refering to me in 3rd person.
  15. Need More Info Escrot merchant caravan bugged.

    Was trying to make money for my caravan since I was losing alot. Took a quest to follow a caravan. As Im following it I get caught by 2 steppe bandits, I get away but lose my men. The third time I get caught. When I escape and get some men I go back to the city it says the caravan was at. I go...
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