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  1. Lochwork

    Resolved Game Crash on "offer" to Convince Lord to Join Faction

    Summary: I'm besieging Pravend and the owner of Pravend comes up to me with a huge army. I convinced him to join my faction and gave him enough gold but when I hit "offer" in the trade window the game freezes then crashes. How to Reproduce: Convince him to join then hit "offer" in the trade...
  2. Lochwork

    Add Settlement Building

    Problem: In order to start your own kingdom you must either be an unprovoked aggressor or a dishonorable vassal. This creates huge role playing issues and makes it unnecessarily difficult to start your own faction. Solution: Add two or three destroyed/ruined settlements that the player can...
  3. Lochwork

    Remove Skill Caps to Improve Leveling

    General problem: Leveling is slow. It feels like a grind. Needing attribute and focus points to advance beyond a certain skill level also slows down leveling. Solution: Remove the level cap for all skills. Attributes should give bonuses to the skills they govern while focus points should...
  4. Lochwork

    Smithing Needs Refining

    So I made a mistake... I put focus points into smithing. I thought "Oh, it would be cool to design my own sword and use it, maybe sell some to make money..." No, turns out smithing is just staring at a screen, hitting the random button until the right combo comes up, hitting forge, then smelting...
  5. Lochwork

    Dialogue Soft Lock

    If you quit to main menu in a persuasion attempt, then load a game and come back to the same persuasion attempt the game may soft lock, not allowing you to use any dialogue options and not giving you a way to exit the dialogue.
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