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  1. isamurai

    Sieges got worst?

    So I've once more given a chance at the game after the new patch and everything was okay and all until i did a siege battle. Is it just me or the AI seems more confused than ever? My soldiers just running around when they climbed over the walls until they got killed. The archers in front of...
  2. isamurai

    Player kingdom and AI war declaration

    I created a kingdom ( I had three castles and 2 cities) from a single sitting of the game was at war with one AI nation and holding them off then peace for a while. Turn off computer and come back the day after to continue. The second I load the save All AI nations declare war one by one on my...
  3. isamurai

    Devs feedback

    To what frequency do you feel devs should keep us updated?
  4. isamurai

    BUG - Too high two handed skill breaks the attack.

    Salutations, I noticed that having my two handed weapon skill too high (300+) would start to break the attack animation as the hero was now swinging too fast. Over 400 it becomes almost impossible to attack anything and the animation gets borked. don't ask why the skill was so high :wink:
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