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  1. Xelvod

    Kicked from server

    Playing Warband MP on Steam almost everyday today list of servers got very short (wtf?!) ...can't find servers i usually play expect one. I think it is "ZGH" siege, and when i try to join immediately got message "kicked from server". And there were few more ser i tried to join and same...
  2. Xelvod


    I did not know about multimesh until two days ago ...this is basically making model (house example) in parts (every part has its own texture) then i make house of this parts and export that in obj file... Is this right explanation...or im missing somthing? And one obj file with like 5...
  3. Xelvod

    Mighty Archers

    I just get pawn by enemy archers all the time, they just hit me hard.. i ride fast and far from them but that is no problem for like 10 enemy archers in mather of sec i will be dead with 10 arows in my head. Is posible to lower ai accuracy somehow? And taking the castle from Ai is also...
  4. Xelvod

    Ctd problem

    I can play this mod for few minutes and bam! ctd. It Happened like when im entering to battle ( 14 vs 20) and somtime crashes on world map. I know my comp spec are ok becouse i managed to play battles like 800 soliders on battlefield in old M&B with graphic to max. So it is the only me or...
  5. Xelvod

    Help with importing sword

    I made sword  in 3dsmax 2010 and Texture (1024x1024) and i want to import this in Warband...i start "OpenBrf" and import my sword mesh and texture,material .. but texture on sword looks wierd.  Sword in "openbrf" And sword in 3dsmax What is wrong with this?
  6. Xelvod

    Export & Import

    Is sombody made video tutorial how to export and import models in warband...and if so ..where? Hard to understand there is lots of tutorial but for old mount & blade and not sure if that will work with warband..
  7. Xelvod

    Some basic scene questions

    ok i know how to make walls trees etc. so first question When i save it where is location of my scene ,wich folder i cant find that file? Can i add scene in a quick battle menu and how ? This question is about adding soliders in scene... i have entry something option in editor window ...if i...
  8. Xelvod

    model import

    i made roman arena and is it posible to add this in arena scene ? and how?
  9. Xelvod

    Extract model

    How to extract model from game to 3dmax9 ?
  10. Xelvod

    Bug or something else ?

    I play Hundred Year War for England side, problem is England and France are not at war from the beginning.  I found it only after 50 days in the game, when I asked the King how goes war with France, he said that they are not at war. WTF? :shock: All time I thought that they are in the war but I...
  11. Xelvod

    Is there Mod with real knight tournament?

    Is there any mode where someone changed the tournament for real knight tournament? and with real rules of the tournament
  12. Xelvod

    Annoying Siege problem

    very simple question... for god sake how to take enemy city or a castle? I tried ten times to take the city and always the same thing happens, my soldiers one by one climb by ladders and can not ever get to the wall. it is impossible to ever have to fight right soldiers normally can not...
  13. Xelvod

    some noob question

    First question, when Siege castle or city why i cant make Siege tower. In my first attack on some castle I had a Siege tower, but after i only have ladder. Although I have increased the points of engineer skill. I have just one ladder, why? 200 soldiers on a one ladder LOL :lol:! is there a...
  14. Xelvod

    Defending the Kingdom

    I play for Rhodoks Kingdom, problem is my kingdom has declared war with everyone except Swadians, neither one of my lords can't defend the castle, and every time i need to conquer the castle back. I conquer two cities and three castle, but when i move from the teretory comp already taken the...
  15. Xelvod

    M&B upgrade 0894 to 0903 ver.

    Where can I find this update ? I find on Filefront but i can not download from that page anymore is there some page where i can find this ?
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