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  1. No servers?

    What happened? I now don't even see an option for Quick Play, Captains, or Skirmish. Nor any threads about this?
  2. Since the latest patch, crash on round 2

    Just keeps happening
  3. Bring back the City Map!

    The 2 new maps are pretty much equally urban. In Captains, you just have to accept that some maps are only suited for infantry, and some players don't know that. Mixing the old city map in wouldn't hurt things any! I miss never seeing it.
  4. Muted

    I feel like I muted myself on accident. is there a key for this? Or did the world mute me? I'm confused
  5. Need More Info Game won't update: aserai_crafting.tpac is locked

    Says aserai_crafting.tpac is locked. It is not though. Game will not update or run.
  6. Need More Info Update Will Not Install When Finished

    It stops after its downloaded, and when I click Resume it only thinks for a moment and then comes back to 'Resume' I can no longer play the game at all since this massive update. Tried verifying the files, no dice.
  7. Resolved Game Won't Close Itself in Steam

    Since (I think) the second-to-last patch, the game still reads as open in Steam after I exit. Happens whether I alt-f4 or I exit properly. Have verified files and it still continues. The game received a recent update but this hasn't been fixed. I can't generate a crash report for this issue...
  8. Resolved Game Crashes at Load Screen - Didn't before

    2020-07-06_15.35.33_5cc13b3bbe64aeb7fdcc8cdt51b4b1d4 Game crashes every time in MP. Started a couple days ago, out of nowhere. When the error began, the game first asked me to recallibrate the visuals, and crashed there. But when I loaded it in SP, I got through the callibration and it doesn't...
  9. Resolved Game Crashes at Initial Loadup Screen

    2020-07-06_15.35.33_5cc13b3bbe64aeb7fdcc8cdt51b4b1d4 Game crashes every time. When the error began, the game first asked me to recallibrate the visuals, and crashed there. But when I loaded it in SP, I got through the callibration and it doesn't ask me that anymore. Now it just crashed at the...
  10. Game Crashes at Loadscreen

    Sry, but these forums will not allow me permission to post in the forum about technical problems. The game wasgoing back into visual callibration and crashing there. But I could load it in SP and select the callibration option. Now the game just crashes at the load screen. Every time.
  11. Need More Info Game crashes always, as of today

    The game crashes when I open it. First there's some error that takes me back to the callibration screen. Nothing has changed on my system, I'm verified the files and updated windows. I try to submit the crash report, but the window always just sits there forever saying "sending dump". That's...
  12. How to get mods to work? Game won't load with any

    I extract or copy mod folders into Modules but the game crashes without ever even opening the splash screen. I used only mods that instructed me to copy or extract to the folder to the Modules folder. I posted in support but no response... and saw similar unanswered posts there. So, I'd...
  13. More Maps! (I know, I know)

    I know its not easy to make more maps, but honestly having a plan to release a new map every 3 months or so can keep a game alive when otherwise it will definitely get boring and irrelevant. And since Taleworlds pushed the release date back 6+ years... they should focus on keeping this one alive!
  14. XP / Leveling / Skills / Attributes -- Faster!! Faster!!! Faster!!!

    Its so damn painfully slow now, to unlock perks that mostly don't work! Have fought so many battles. My character has taken like 15 fortresses, outnumbered, with no armies helping, and my party size hasn't raised in forever. I don't know what in the hell actually raises leadership skill, cause...
  15. Need More Info Mods will not work

    The game will not run with any mods copied into the "steamapps/common/[game name]/Modules" folder. It simply thinks for a moment and does not open the launcher. I am only using mods where the installation instructions said copy or extract the Mod folder there. I have tried using a bunch of...
  16. I got the use any bow on horseback perk... but it doesn't work?

    Then I bought a longbow, but I still can't use on horseback! Am I missing something, or have they just not fixed it?
  17. XP gain slow, leadership raises even slower...mission tree runs out quick

    I feel like I'm out of missions in SP just as quickly as in the old game. I don't mind if XP gain is slow, but just as quick as Warband they dry up. I've had 122 party size forever, and all I'm doing is running around trying to have battles. Have had maybe 25-30 battles and no gain to party...
  18. Relations within clan should not be such a death-spiral

    Influence is gained slowly. But factions are constantly warring, voting to assign castles. Very quickly, my relations drop with everyone... or I get a slight gain with one faction, and a -100 w/ the others! I get there would be intra-clan competition, but it would not descend into endless hatred...
  19. Is there a point to murdering enemy lords?

    Sturgians are dying out. If I kill their lords, do they just get replaced? I'm a free agent still,but wanted to try and take one of their weaker castles. Got to wipe out the lords or capture them. Not saying it's a good plan, JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION
  20. How to "access" the workshop?

    I buy the place, I walk around, I talk to "Shop workers". How to supply the shop, see how it's running, etc? How many folks can write "A Guide to Workshops" without ever actually including how to do it? Heh
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