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  1. Version Change

    First of all ı dont know where can ı learn this answer if I mustn't post here ı am sorry Just wanna learn Now ım playing 1.6.4 version today bannerlord shared beta 1.6.5 if ı update beta 1.6.5 my 1.6.4 save gonna disappear or can ı play 1.6.5 with my old save ?
  2. Need More Info Crash İstenen Bellek Boyutu

    özet : Oyun içinde bir anda istenen bellek boyutu crashini alıyorum ve oyun kapanıyor oyun sürümüm 1.6.4 application crashed because it could not get new memory from the operating system common causes are: -Physical memory of your system might be insufficient for current configurations -Your...
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