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  1. [Add-on] Menu and UI replacer

    This is a small addon to replace the Menu Backgrounds and the loading screens. Except for the party and inventory screens everything else has been changed. I have been playing 1257 for over a year now and M&B for almost 2 years and the default loading screens feels a bit monotonous now and...
  2. Troops Balancing and Equiping

    Hi, as many of you may know, some of the troop balancing and wages are way off in the latest SVN version. Unfortunately for me, while i was drunk i accidentally volunteered to track down errors and help with balancing and equiping them  :P, so tomas can focus on fixing other things, and he is...
  3. Problem with ingame render

    Hello, i made this model of the golden gate in constantinople And applied textures like this (dont mind the elephant texture, its not complete) But ingame it looks like this (notice only the brick texture) Its not as apparent from the screenshot, but ingame the bricks are flickering. I...
  4. Signatures

    Hey, since i got some free time today, here are some faction specific signatures that i made for this mod. Hope you dont mind, othr. England France Byzantine Empire
  5. Campaign Ai

    What does campaign ai setting do? Does it affect diplomacy, pursuading lords to join you etc? Only thing i have noticed is rents decrease and tax inefficiency increases.
  6. Patrols and some other questions

    I cant start patrols because there is no patrol dialogue option with the constable, is it just for me or has anyone started patrols with this version? Also, how to increase right to rule, sending out companions only increase it little, and what is the amount of right to rule needed to be...
  7. Replacing custom Surcoat over mail?

    Hi, i tried replacing with an rnd****.dds, but the changes dont take place ingame?
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