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  1. How many Brytenwalda players? Informal Poll!

    Yo, a bit late to this but i'v been playing Brytenwalda for the past 10 days and now i'm seeing that there will be more? As a veteran of this mod, i am eager to see what else more can be added and wish you guys the best of luck.

    PS: Add an up attack for Spears?  :grin:
  2. [Event Series]Space Romans - 2nd April 2017.

    Just dropping this here. A good event and i cant wait to do more with everyone! Expect a video for the next event as well with better editing cuts (If i am not too lazy).
  3. PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    Ill like to join the Normans. -Aldwyn Nodosa
  4. SCILDWEALL – NA Vikingr Shieldwall Event (dormant)

    Alright, today's shield wall was pretty fun :grin:
  5. Background of your Character

    ((Well, here i go))

    Aldwyn was born into a poor Saxon family. As his family worked on the farm, Aldwyn went to the house of God, the church. He learn how to read, write and had a bright future. Now a young man, he was ready to become a priest, but the tides of war has stopped him. Hearing about the foul and heathen warriors from the sea. He picked a Shield and Spear, ready to battle against the invaders. He is willing to protect his land, his home, and God!

    ((Well i just made this in about 5-7 min so if its bad dont judge me :sad: ))
  6. PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Aldwyn will be their to fight for Saxons! (Mældunwaran)
  7. RaW:Previews+News

    Nice new looks on the Etruscans
  8. RaW: Off Topic Board of Banter!

    well i know its kinda late....but happy new years! :razz:
  9. Feeling lonely on the server?

    7 people on and i think 5 in another server
  10. Feeling lonely on the server?

    3 people playing now
  11. Αθηναίοι οπλίτες (Athenian Hoplites)

    Steam name: Sir Nodosa
    In game name: Nodosa
    Where are you from?: Los Angeles ,California, United States
    Why do you want to join?: Because i hunger for blood and battle and i find this mod VERY fun and im a very active person so why not join this clan.
    Do you have a headset or a microphone?: Both
    Do you have any previous clan experience?: Corinth is the only RaW clan i joined and i am pretty experience at this mod at both forming and fighting.
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