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  1. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed European Conquest Roleplay Event [Saturday]

    Inspired by a few friends for what an ideal NW campaign would be and look like, I've decided to take it to the extreme and make an event the community can compete in to fight for their favorite territories in the Napoleonic Wars, making an alternate history dependent upon the skills of the...
  2. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed 1stNOG Saturday Linebattles [NA] (Applications being Accepted)

    Applause for Silly Image? General Information Launch Date: February 23rd, 2013. Date(s): Every Saturday of every week. Time: 6pm Eastern Server Information: The Server is [NA] friendly. 200 men Name: FG_Official Teamspeak information:
  3. 1stNOG-IDF

    1stNOG is Recruiting! [Re-designed] [Only Mature Members]

    :evil: :twisted: :evil: Hello friends! On January 9th of 2013, Gen. Jerusalem and three loyal friends split off and created a new regiment, a regiment they promised would be a formidable foe in all linebattles attended, and a regiment that would for as long as it lasted, be a friendly and...
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