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  1. Mephistopholees

    Is Siege dead?

    I still cannot figure why Siege is on the server list in Oceania but on the matchmaker for everywhere else. I cannot think of a game mode less suited to matchmaking.
  2. Mephistopholees

    Defenders should not be opening the gates *at all*

    There is an enormous amount of what is basically voluntary self sabotage happening on siege as people open the the main gates to rambo to their hearts content, even if alternative sortie ports and exits remain available. In Warband, this is kind of a big deal and I know in the events my folks...
  3. Mephistopholees

    MP Quality of life improvements and some ideas

    Siege is a bit of a mess at the moment, the crashing is obvious but there's also a few other problems

    1) Some people don't have the remotest idea how it works, and its not entirely intuitive. I've seen a dozen defending archers standing around a flag that was taken and ignore it completely, letting the timer run down, blissfully unaware.
    - Maybe leave the flag UI on by default with an option to switch to to view via alt, so new people are forced to look at flags and know where they are
    - Highlight siege equipment for attackers, and notable areas like gates and breaches for everyone. Perhaps a voice line or announcement when something happens (like in Total War when they say, THE GATE IS DOWN/OUR SIEGE TOWER HAS REACHED THE WALL)

    2) Cavalry are a disruptive nuisance. This is just my personal opinion but damn do I wish they would be removed from Siege or severely limited somehow.

    3) Bit of a moonshot, but spawn location selection? Would help plan attacks if you didn't have to cross 200m of ground to attack where you are needed, likewise for defence. Can let attackers capable or teamwork arrange alternating attack concentrations to keep defenders on their toes.

    4) Do something about defenders opening the gates. Have alternate sortie doors available but keep the main gates locked from being opened by defenders.
    - Perhaps, the attackers would need to go through an animation to lift the lock off the gate before they can open it from behind, if they manage, and a defender can put it back on - but not take it off. Limiting the defender's ability to sortie to owning a marginally defensible exterior flag might help change the dynamic of the match - a clearly superior team would be able to stomp the attackers at the first hurdle, otherwise, its behind the walls for you. Perhaps the exterior defences could be extensively destructible, giving a strong purpose to attacker artillery, and a strong motivation for defender artillery to target the attack artillery.

    5) Defensive catapults have extremely variable usefulness. Sometimes, you can only use the bottom power setting if you want to hit anything, and even then its nothing that useful - maybe you can hit the trebuchet, but the trebuchet can only hit merlons, so its not that useful. sometimes you have 3 high value targets. Placement needs to be carefully considered. Attacking catapults have better use, but not as much as they ought to have. At the moment breaches are pretty easy to establish, but beyond that its just merlons. This is also because even if the gate is in your line of sight, you cant shoot at it because its always been bloody opened by the defenders!

    6) Archery is so accurate and easy that ballistas are almost useless - you need to get a real feel for their reticle-less trajectory compared to archers, that can zero in after two shots at most, and you cant reload them fast enough to readjust shots. Perhaps if people moved in bigger groups it would have a use, but they dont, really

    7) Make larger sections of the interior barricades destructible

    8. Single man ninja capping the rear flag when almost every other flag still belongs to the defenders is a bit silly

    9) Ability to pull back the ram after the gate is down! (...Is that already possible any nobody has even tried?)
    - also, destroyed rams can still hit the gate for some reason

    10) Should be able to pick up dropped stones. Perhaps have the stones break if they hit the ground with enough speed, so if you lob it off the walls the attackers cant use them either

    11) MP generally - different colour name for friends when you hold alt to easily identify where they are, along with the banner distinction suggestion
  4. Mephistopholees

    Calradic Campaign

    Calradic Campaign #50 Wrap-Up Well folks, this is it for now. Its been a hell of a time, these past years - how else could you say it? And I would go grey, or more so than I already am, if I tried to recall by name everyone in need of thanking. This old diamond in the rough we call Warband...
  5. Mephistopholees

    Calradic Campaign

    Calradic Campaign #50 - The 11th Hour (our 4th anniversary!) Reddit event post link Current Map Discord Link Start Guide & Lore When: Saturday, March 7th, 4:00PM EDT Server: Calradic_Campaign Password: reddit In the final Calradic Campaign event for Warband, every faction will come out...
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