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  1. ijzzBloc

    My Mount&Blade experience

    Mount&Blade has come a long long way. I have been playing this game for years now and i still love it! The only reason this is not my most favorite game of all time is because dungeon keeper is simply unbeatable. When i first found out about M&B i saw some screenshots of the pirates mod made by...
  2. ijzzBloc

    Civil Calradia Relaunched 2.0 11-1-09

    Hey, This is my first actual mod wich is very simple but i'd like to release it. A new age of war has struck Calradia, this is what you can expect: Factions and renamed and have their distinctive color: Nords  >  The Covenant  >  Blue Swadians  >  The Order  >  Grey Veagirs  >  The Guild  > ...
  3. ijzzBloc

    Get Object Failed for texture >Error<

    Hey, I tried adding a new item into a copy of native mod folder. However i get stuck on launch up. It give me an error called: get_object_failed for texture: Now i suspect this has something to do that the game cant find the texture. However i am sure the BRF file's...
  4. ijzzBloc

    anyone knows this song?

    I heard this small part of a song on a dudesons clip on youtube. Could you please listen to it and tell me if it sounds familiar. you can hear the song at 2:00 And here at 9:06 and 9:25
  5. ijzzBloc

    Native OSP 2D Art Knights Expansion

    I retextured some armor for chel to use in extended gameplay tough i thought i'd make it public so evryone can use it. So far it contains: 58 armor retexture's 52 shield retexture's 11 face paintings 15 new weapons Repository link (updated link, Earendil, Moderator)...
  6. ijzzBloc

    Anyone knows more about Ebooks?

    How can i use an Ebook? Wich program do i need i cant get it to work
  7. ijzzBloc

    A thousand came for the sword...

    A thousand where destroyed as a result. I tried to recreate the legendary sword Ashbringer from the popular Warcraft universe. Its my first serious weapon that i have created. I did my best to create its not 100% accurate but its as close as i can get. I gave it a different texture than the one...
  8. ijzzBloc

    who likes a WoW account?

    Yep thats right i might givin away my World of Warcraft account nothing to fancy tough. Just send me an PM wit reason wy you want it and ill pick one randomly.Btw its got about a moth of play time.
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