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  1. Hopseflop

    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    Well if you want to know something about the area you can always send me a message. :wink:
  2. Hopseflop

    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    i'm thinking of making a mod during 1280 - 1310 around the low countries with maybe some other german countries. Doesn't mean I'm actually going to make it anytime soon Its more an idea for a mod then anything else. I will probably be way too busy when the mod tools are released to do much about it anyway.
  3. Hopseflop

    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    Good luck with your project.
    This can be very interesting with the amount of details you have already put in your map of the British Isles.

    However, I think with the details you go for in this mod it makes sense to keep the focus on the British Isles.
    This is because I think the rest of Europe would be a huge task on this scale.
    Imagine the number of castles that you should place on this scale in France alone, that country really had many.

    I am telling you this because I am currently planning to make a mod with similar details to yours, but in a different part of Western Europe and in a different time frame.
    So I looked at the amount of work it takes to do this.
    It's already a lot of places to look up if you want to make the mod historically accurate on that scale.

    Of course, it's not my decision to tell you what to do with the mod, I just recommend picking up small parts of your mod one at a time and using those results as motivation not to overwhelm yourself.
  4. Hopseflop

    Clan Roles: We Need More Choices

    Yes, I was thinking about this today, there is currently no strategist for your party. I think they will implement this anyway, otherwise there is no point in having companions with high tactics, right?
  5. Hopseflop

    Need More Info "Black hole" since 1.05

    Had the same issue one time with the black blocks moving all over the place. Except I think it was before the 1.05 update.
  6. Hopseflop

    Does anyone else think spears are utterly useless?

    AI is crap with spears when cavalry is already next to them. The distance is indeed too short so they don't do damage as has been said before. The cavalry do have swords so in this situation they can fight in close distance.

    Maybe its a good idea to give spears a different holding mode with x. In this mode the AI then uses the spear not holding it at the end but roughly half to a quarter away from the spearhead. This will result in a shorter distance so the spear can be usefull again.Think about it in real life you also would not hold the spear at the end when facing an enemy in close combat. The whole point of a spear is it can be used in different distances.

    edit: I see someone else already proposed this idea of this different holding mode of the spear. +1 to that guy.
  7. Hopseflop

    Poor Performance

    Probably should built a new pc. The game doesn't run bad, except in sieges it struggles resulting in frame drops. Still I would like to scale up the amount of soldiers on the field currently I have this set to 200. I did this because it is noticable in sieges, in field battles it can be set a bit higher.

    i7-4770S 3.10GHz
    GTX 960 4GB
    8GB DDR3
    Installed on SSD

    If I want to experience bannerlord on highest settings Is upgrading an option or should I built a new pc?
  8. Hopseflop

    How many children is too much? (Bug?)

    Yeah my female character just got pregnant with our fifth, thing is I split my husband into another party before the fourth was born.

    I've seen elsewhere that death in childbirth is actually in the game, don't know about player characters, that would be harsh, but it is for NPC wives.

    Well my character has three kids now. but his spouse died in childbirth, so yep thats a thing.
  9. Hopseflop

    Crafting Guide (Smithy)

    Thank you, very usefull :xf-smile:
  10. Hopseflop

    Training units, improving your skills and campsite.

    I agee, apparantly we can't rest using campsite anymore.

    Very true I have mixed feelingsabout the game too. But don't forget it's early access game, it is not expected to have everything fixed yet.
  11. Hopseflop

    [Poll] Cluttered Overland Map

    I agree with a lack of space because of rivers and mountains. I disagree wit too many settlements.
  12. Hopseflop

    Where are the banners?

    The banner on the worldmap of your party is also missing. Should we not see it after making a banner?
  13. Hopseflop

    Quality of life suggestions

    1. Don't let conversations end after answering. This results in going back to the worldmap while I would have liked to question the character about something else.

    2. Where is the camp menu? Are we not able to set up camp and rest while not in a city, town or castle?

    3. Please do something about the ugly edges of the worldmap. Something like in skyrim maybe, blocking view with clouds?

    4. When doing the feud quest resulting in a fight please don't spawn me on my horse.
  14. Hopseflop

    In Progress Bugs found on day 1.

    Some bugs i found today.

    Images link

    1. During a battle with I think searaiders I got this weird blocky squares moving around on my screen.
    2. tree reflections in the sea which is not possible at that distance to see.
    3. not grayed out text bug.
    4. minigame is not showing the colours of black and white properly. Only shows white colour but also looks strange.
    5. female quest giver refered to as a ''he''.
  15. Hopseflop

    Need More Info [BUG] Quest Errors

    When you talk to the brother before clearing the first hideout he says the same thing after clearing the hideout. So I created my banner before clearing the hideout. A small mistake but still I think this is not supposed to happen?
  16. Hopseflop

    The Bannerlord Banner Poll

    Benjamin Bones said:
    Your assertion, or should I say assumption, is inapplicable here my friend. As Mr. Strong put it, this concerns personal coat of arms that distinguish different families within a sovereign nation. Historically the devices, colors, and the very background design all signified one thing or another about a family.

    Except that he actually is in the right as far I know. Let me show you some noble family banners from the Netherlands from around this period.

    Van Amstel


    Van Arkel

    The van Amstel banner, has multiple colors, so it is not unthinkable to have more complicated banners. Sometimes a noble family combined a banner with another family which resulted in more complex banners. Nevertheless, the vast majority only have two colors.

    I do not mind that only two colors are used since I don't have a preference for Calradia. the simplicity is quite clear for the player in my opinion. However, I would like to see that modders and the player do have more options.
  17. Hopseflop

    About naval battles and swimming

    Don't like the idea of swimming in bannerlord why is it needed exactly? As said by others it will ruin some maps certainly castles with moats.

    Also in medieval times people did not swim, they simply did not know how to do it. with the chainmail on top of that I don't buy it.
  18. Hopseflop

    2nd Favourite Faction ?

    favorite faction is Vlandia, second is probably Aserai but is really close with the Khuzaits. After that in order Empire, Sturgia and lastly Battania. Still I find it very difficult to choose between the factions.

    Did not know that Battania is apparently very popular as seen in your polls.
  19. Hopseflop

    Devs, read your subreddit, people are angry

    BayBear said:
    I’d love to watch a behinds the scenes documentary that explains it all after release.

    Yes this  :iamamoron: +1
  20. Hopseflop

    Bannerlord Map

    John C said:
    The waters along the Calradic coast don't seem to be an interior sea, so it is possible that the larger geography of the world (which we know as yet little of) makes trade along the coast not all that viable, and thus the coastal towns less valuable.

    Well if the people of Vlandia came from overseas, it does suggest the ocean could be an inland sea. even if you look at the map, only a small distance from the sea is visible. So there is certainly a possibility that it is an inland sea.
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