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  1. Saxon1974

    Strategy mid game

    Curious for the people who have played this game alot.... I'm about level 15, have a fairly good size army and have been a mercenary and build up some income. I'm not sure if I want to swear fealty to a kingdom or try and take one for my own. I was thinking of trying to take Scotland or Ireland...
  2. Saxon1974

    New Settlements - what do they do?

    So I'm finding lots of places like Monasteries, Armories etc...but in all of them when I talk to them they say something like "What can I do for you?" and only response is "Nothing-thanks". Are these not complete yet or do I need to do something to use them?
  3. Saxon1974

    Curious what difficulty you think this mod is balanced on?

    Granted it probably varies for everyone. What difficulty do you play on? I had mine around 80% and then I changed my battlesize to 750 and it went up to 140%. Makes sense since if your fighting an army with 300 men and you have only 75 you would have to fight all 300 at the same time. For...
  4. Saxon1974

    Tweak Guides to improve graphics?

    Anyone know of a guide on tweaking the game to improve graphics? I found that increasing battle_size setting in the rgl_config.txt file adds more troops to battles. Can adjusting any of these other settings in the file make the game look better?
  5. Saxon1974

    updated feature list?

    Is there a list anywhere of all the updates that have been released through svn? I come back to this mod once in a while as its a great mod but its stinks to have to read through a 250 plus pages of the s thread to see what has changed.
  6. Saxon1974

    The Amber Treasure

    Found a book set around the same time as this game in England. Historical Fiction. I just got it and started reading it and thought I would pass it along to anyone else interested.
  7. Saxon1974

    Are there no robbers or bandits and such?

    First time playing the newest release. Looks great, really like the map changes. I noticed after walking around after not chosing any factions to support there aren't any bandits or robbers or random bad guys to fight. IS this mod more intended to join a faction so you can fight other factions...
  8. Saxon1974

    BAW with polished landscapes

    I read that this mod will work with Polished landscapes. I added it using the instructions below and it appears to work however it messes up something on the main map. It causes me not to be able to move the point of view over parts on the map, especially the town of London area. Here is what...
  9. Saxon1974

    Map for 1257

    This is probably a dumb question with how large the map is with this mod but... does anyone have a map that would show even some of the cities in this mod? It's tough to know whether to take a quest in a certain town or village without having a map to see how far away it might be.
  10. Saxon1974

    Caravan quest

    Got a quest to escort a caravan from somewhere in hungary to the holy land. Since it was a long way i kicked up the travel speed to 100% to get there. I was surprised that when I completed the quest it rewarded me with 7600 xp points and that took me from level 5 to level 9. It appears these...
  11. Saxon1974

    New Castles?

    I thought I read this MOD added some new castles or towns or something. Is there a way I can tell where some of these are? So far everything looks the same as native to me. I added a Castle upgrade pack to native so Im wondering if it might be interefering with this mod. Also wondering what all...
  12. Saxon1974

    Box Edition Map

    Does the boxed version of Warband have a paper map on the new Calradia inside it?
  13. Saxon1974

    Single Player Quests

    Are the single player quests complete yet or should I wait for some more patches before I play? I know there was a quest dialog option to rescue a prisoner and one options said "This feature not yet implemented" or something like that. I want to wait until its mostly complete before starting...
  14. Saxon1974

    After playing Warband a bit im back to europe 1200

    Well I think this Mod has spoiled me for Mount & Blade native and warband. I like playing in the real map of Europe so much better than the made up one for the regular games. That and the Warband single player features are very incomplete and Im going to give them time to patch it up a bit...
  15. Saxon1974

    World map?

    Is there a .pdf or world map file somewhere that can be printed out? Does anyone know if the boxed copy of Warband comes with one? My copy of original M&B has a nice big printed map, hoping to get one for Warband.
  16. Saxon1974

    Single Player game?

    Question; It appears that Mount & Blade comes out in a couple of weeks and as I understand it there are enhancements to the single player game. I have not seen anything regarding beta testing for the single player piece of the game. I assume the release in a couple of weeks will include the...
  17. Saxon1974

    Armor Textures mod?

    Is there a mod for v 1.011 that brightens the armor textures of Native? I dont really like the grey\blue texture of the steel. I know about the "realistic textures mod" listed here, but it appears its not available with version 1.011,32251.15.html
  18. Saxon1974

    Starting Level?

    Does this mod increase your starting character's level to level 2? I started a new character and noticed his level was 2, where before I installed this mod they start at 1. IS this a bug?
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