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  1. "Destroy Renegades" quest

    Hello, How can we complete this quest? I can't seem to find any renegade Tolranian army... Thnx in advance! :)
  2. Help on removing some trees.

    So I read in the post in the FAQ about how to remove trees. I just need some clarifications because I don't really understand it. I am using the text file. (flora_kinds.txt) Let's use this as an example.   beech 12889099276 2 tree_20_a  bo_tree_20_a Elysian_Fields GateKeeper tree_20_b ...
  3. List of singleplayer v1.153 mods?

    May somebody please give me a  List of singleplayer v1.153 mods? I tried searching but the list was outdated... Thanks in advance :)
  4. Does this work with v1.153 SP?

  5. Works on v1.153? or not?

  6. Works on v1.153?

  7. Does this work ONLy in v1.143?

    I have v1.153
  8. Does this work with v1.153 SP?

  9. Does this work for v1.153 SP?

  10. Can you play this on v1.153?

  11. How to remove fog?

    I have been playing the game but the thing that doesn't fit me is the FOG in battles... any way to remove it?? Thanks ! :)
  12. How to remove trees/plants/other obstacles?

    Hi, I am new to Brytenwalda and I want to remove the trees/plants/  because they make my FPS drop so badly... ( especially on forest maps ) If someone knows how to do this ( or at least lessen the trees ) please reply :) So any help would be appreciated :)
  13. Faction units help

    Could someone pls tell me what is the factions with this kind of  units? For example : The britons has the best archers.... Saxons ahve the best cav.... Something like that. Thank you in advance :)
  14. Started a kingdom... now what?

    Any suggestions? Starting from now I will be really careful so I won't do something which will not give me good results.
  15. Best garrisons?

    What are the best garrisons in the game? I know one is Nord troops... for infantry But what about ranged? should I get the Rhodoks Crossbowmens? or Swadia or Vaeigirs Bowmens? ( not sure which is better )
  16. HELP ! About treasury, renouncing...

    So I just renounced my oath to the king and he said he is gonna take all my prperties... ok ... So I did. But then... It said I lost 2/3 of my treaasury ! And where is the money in the treasury now? It is not in my inventory ! If the money is in my chamberian... where can I find my chamberian...
  17. A good place to start my kingdom

    ??  I currently have a max party of 130... right to rules of 50 , honor of 40, renown of 450. I have all companions with good gear... So yeah where is a good place to start my kingdom? I know In the edge is a good idea but if you have more suggestions pls help :)
  18. Nord tactic suggestions?

    In battle.. what do I do? I am used to cavalry units so I don't really get what to do with the nords, and they barely have an archer... Let us say that the battle size is set to 60. And my army consists of ( All are nord units except for cpmanions ) : 30 Inf 10 Arch 22 Companion ( ALL...
  19. Advice in Melee Combat when swarmed

    Soo... I am currently using a shield and a one handed weapon... And I need advices when I am swarmed with 2 to ?? units... I know chamberblocking and stuff but when I try to chamberblock an attack I get hit by the other dude before I hit the one I chambeblocked... PS : I am LVL 8 at athletics...
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