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  1. Matheus

    Como adicionar novas texturas para faces?

    Procurei em todo o forum e não encontrei um tutorial que me explicasse como adicionar novas texturas faciais sem substituir as antigas. Copiei as texturas para o arquivo BRF, mas elas simplesmente não são reconhecidas pelo jogo. Alguém sabe o que eu devo fazer?
  2. Matheus

    Adding new face textures to M&B

    I would like to know how to Add new face textures to M&B without replace the existing ones. I could not find a tutorial about this. Thanks.
  3. Matheus

    the saga begins. :lol: :lol:
  4. Matheus

    OSP 2D Art Matheus' Armor Texture Pack. Three new textures added!!!

    These are some textures I've made for M&B. they are nothing more than changed textures, with new colors and names. Everyone can download them and use on  new mods, SINCE I recieve the credits. Special thanks to: RR_Raptor65, that allow me to submit his Roman textures. Updated: Three new...
  5. Matheus

    A question about textures

    Imagine the hipotetical situation: A person made a texture of items that it is not in Vanilla Mod. The only changes mde are the colors of some parts of texture. The problem is: The result is so good that this person decided to post it on mbrepository. Of course he ask for the original texturer's...
  6. Matheus

    Pictures that could serve as inspiration

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this topic, but I couldn't let to post this link: This is a page with miniatures of many kind of warriors, from diferent ages and civilizations. When I saw this, I though this could serve as inspiration for someone who want to make a mod or...
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