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  1. Elaborate "Lead by Example" leadership lvl200 perk

    Does "recruit melee prisoners faster" count both cavalry and infantry? And does "cavalry troops generate shared xp" affect horse archers? Also, does lvl225 perk "Trusted commander" apply to horse archers, or only foot archers?
  2. Garrison troop tier?

    So I suddenly own most of the Khuzait fiefs after expelling the clan that held those (tier 4 with only 2 members). Is it better to spam a lot of tier 3 garrisons? Or should I put top tier troops there? I think the tier 6 noble troops cost double for the same security value compared to a recruit...
  3. Does clan leader permanently stay "persuaded" if I can't pay to recruit him now?

    In this run I didn't sell any crafted weapons, so I'm not overflowing with cash. Persuaded a tier 5 clan to join me but don't have enough money at the moment. Does he stay forever persuaded? Even if he gains fiefs from liege or defects to another kingdom? He has no fief at the moment.
  4. "Footmen on horses" should be as fast as cavalry and be able to carry one more animal.

    It makes absolutely no sense that a cavalry unit can be twice as fast as a footman on a horse while dragging two mules or cows around (unless I am mistaken about it). That means they're faster AND they get additional carry weight from a pack animal. A vast amount number of cultures used horses...
  5. Need help with my totalitarian campaign

    So the gist of it is that I want to hold all the towns myself and give only castles to vassals, preferably only one to each. Other than using 300 trade, how do I do this? I have 5 towns and 2 castles that I conquered as a Khuzait vassal, before defecting to Northern Empire and becoming its...
  6. Why does the 15% barter reduction still not work?

    Seems like it should be easy to implement? I am not complaining, I am genuinely curious why this apparently simple thing doesn't work yet, especially since its the first perk and thus almost all characters could get it and vastly benefit from it?
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