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  1. Pronunciation of Vaegirs

    For me it is as follows.

    Vaegir = Vay-zure (the g being pronounce like the g in beige)
    Khergit = Khur-Get

    How about Rhodoks?

    Row-Dokes or Row-Docks? I ask because I've heard my roommate pronounce it as the latter but I always use the former.
  2. Democracy...... Good or Bad?

    The thing with Democracy is it generally prevents the **** from completely hitting the fan. I feel like in a monarchy or other totalitarian or near-totalitarian state the state can be better run than in a democracy, but only if you have a good leader of course. The problem is you can also get leaders who are terrible ****s and run the country into the ground, or go about murdering those who oppose him.

    Democracy generally means we at least get leaders who aren't going to go about murdering everyone... usually anyways. It also means we rarely get particularly good leaders.

    Ideally I think we'd want a form of government where extremely important and major decisions are made via straight democracy (Things like whether or not to go to war) but allow individuals to essentially run the country from day to day. Also, decisions should be made at as local a level as possible. Health care, for instance, can be handled on a state or even city level.
  3. Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    I was one of the only people that probably used spears (actually, usually halberds) and throwing weapons in Morrowind. They were ****ty weapons, but were awesome. I hope they bring all of the weapons that were in Morrowind back, it's a bit weird that they went forward in time and suddenly everyone forgot how to use spears, halberds, throwing weapons, and crossbows.
  4. Homefront

    This game has some great potential. Red Dawn is a fantastic movie so I would expect the writer to be able to create a fairly believable world for this to take place in. It seems like it's fairly reasonable. If you didn't know, North Korea invades in 2023 after the U.S. economy has collapsed and the U.S. is thrown into turmoil. They also form an alliance with other Asian countries (after taking over South Korea.) It's not like it's North Korea invades the U.S. tomorrow on a whim. It's certainly not a likely scenario, but it seems reasonable enough for suspension of disbelief to kick in.
  5. Gun wankery

    Speaking of calibers, what do you guys think are the ideal rounds for:

    A) Service Rifles

  6. Minecraft


    So what is the largest object you've built/dug from scratch on survival, without cheating?

    Some rough math told me my last and largest castle used somewhere in the area of 2000 blocks of stone to build. Right now I am also building an underground complex that is rather large, don't even know the size estimate on it.
  7. Gun wankery

    Just went shooting again today for the first time since boy scouts. We were shooting a friend's Springfield XD 9mm. I actually shot better than I expected to, managed some fairly tight groupings.
  8. Protest? What protest?

    Oh my, a handful of people protested about something I don't care about.
  9. TRON: Legacy

    I thought this movie was fantastic, and I definitely agree about the music. Daft Punk was the perfect choice for this movie.
  10. Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    Archonsod said:
    Bgfan said:
    That is dependant on the context in which it is used.
    Not if one hopes to be communicating in English, no. Grammatical rules exist for a reason.

    I really don't see Oblivion as being dumbed down though. Fast travel was the best thing to happen to the Elder Scrolls series, however Oblivion just got fast travel a bit off. It was corrected in Fallout, where you can't fast travel anywhere until you visit there the first time, no marking major cities with fast travel. If you don't have travel you have a bunch of tedious going back and forth, which Morrowind had way too much of. Yes, it was fun to travel the wastelands the first time, but when you take the same route twenty times over it starts to get old. However, I'd like to see things like the quest marker made optional right off the bat, instead of requiring mods.

  11. Glancing Blows

    As harsh as it sounds, swing better. I really don't have a problem hitting people. I'm guessing maybe 5% of my hits will glance.
  12. Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    What is the difference?
  13. Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    Morrowind and Oblivion were both pretty *****in' games. I mean yeah, I never play without a number of mods, but that's because those mods make both of these great games even better.

    Hell sometimes I think the in game books are worth the price of the game on their own.  :grin:
  14. What are you reading now?

    I'm currently reading Barbarians, Marauders, and Infidels by Antonio Santosuosso. It's a decent overview of Medieval military history, though it lacks in the details a bit.

    I'm also reading Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams. I picked it up after finishing the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series by the same author and I'm quite enjoying it. High fantasy meets cats, basically.
  15. Minecraft

    Jhnking said:
    So basically for buying it in this Alpha stage all of a sudden I'm gonna get DLC and any extra stuff Notch makes plus the regular package stuff, all for free besides the money I paid for Alpha?



    In other words, buy it in Alpha. It's worth it even without the free stuff.
  16. Mercenary MP faction

    It's been suggested before and I am very much in favor of it. Everything you'd need is already in game so no new modeling is required, it would just be a matter of creating a new multiplayer faction, which for some reason I would assume would be fairly easy for the developers to do.
  17. Steam, love it or hate it?

    Tralfaz said:
    By how well it works?  Something can be utter ****, but if its all you have, then its popular, but still ****.  If theres a small town where everyones car is at least 20 years old, and in bad shape, thatd be popular, but I dont think theyd like them.
    Steam works very well. All of your complaints are subjective issues that you have with it, but that don't necessarily apply to anyone else. They are legitimate issues, not trying to deny that, but they are still personal issues and don't necessarily indicate a wider problem with the system.

    Steam does exactly what it is supposed to. You don't have a problem with the system, you have a problem with the intention behind the system. The system itself functions quite well at what it is supposed to do. 

    Many places are required to be hanicapped accessible, and a rock climbing place, Im sure, wouldnt get an exemption.  The Amish thing is mutally exclusive, as youre aware, and just ridiculous.

    Hence the  :lol:

    My point was simply that video games are neither vital nor public, and aren't required to cater to the "handicapped" gamers. Many do because that's just good business, but it is hardly a requirement. Should video games also always be scaled back to run on low end systems?
  18. Steam, love it or hate it?

    Swadius said:
    Why are you arguing from popularity again? I thought we went over this.
    "Everyone does P, therefore you should do P too, is not a valid argument.

    This isn't a logical fallacy when talking about the subjective quality of a service. In fact it's one of the only pieces of data you actually have on the topic. How else do you measure the overall quality of a product other than by popularity? It doesn't say anything about the quality of the code in Steam or other such things, but it is the ultimate statement about the overall quality of the service. At least with non-essentials people don't **** around with ****ty quality.

    So you're discriminating people who aren't able to get a good internet connection? It's like saying there aren't any problems with vital public buildings that don't have any wheelchair or handicap accessibility because 99.99% of the people don't use wheelchairs.

    Except video games aren't vital or public. It's more like an indoor rock climbing facility being forced to be handicapped accessible. Or an electronics store being forced to be Amish accessible.  :lol:
  19. Steam, love it or hate it?

    It's still the choice of the developers to limit themselves to the Steam platform. Can't blame Valve for making an attractive development platform. Attractive to most people anyways.

    You make good points though, and I would rather see the Steam platform separated from the Steam distribution system. However, the integrated platform is obviously working out well for them, a number of developers, and a number of consumers.
  20. Steam, love it or hate it?

    His point is valid. Nobody forced anybody to make games require Steam. You can pretty well expect a Valve game to require it, but it was the choice of the developers to make Empire: Total War and whatnot require Steam. Blame the game developers.
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