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  1. Count Scipio

    Resolved [e1.1.0/e1.1.1] broked AI pathfinding in ladders + stuck in ladders, Siege performance is worst

    Since e1.1.0 is been released, all sieges are been annoyingly trouble with bug and FPS issues (never had FPS problems since ladder lag was fixed) - AI is getting stuck on a ladder and not able to get to the wall until the siege match ended: example...
  2. Count Scipio

    Aserai culture bonus not working

    "Caravans are 30% cheaper to build. 10% less trade penalty." I made my character to have Aserai culture and when much later in my game, when I decided to form my caravan. The merchant demanded full 15k gold about caravan forming. Wait... why my culture bonus is not working on this point?
  3. Count Scipio

    Need More Info Horse armor bug - Northern light harness

    This horse armor goes through horse and is off-position link: (insert image not working so have to do like this) :)
  4. Count Scipio

    Insanely hard hideouts

    Cant defeat these massive (elite steppe) bandits hideouts where is like 20-50 dudes around the world vs me + 8 random "questionable" mates with me.
  5. Count Scipio

    Need More Info FPS drops in siege - ladders with crowded climbers

    Very much my PC is able to run this game smoothly in all parts except in siege when people raise the ladders or use ladder towers, warriors gathering as a huge massive crowd ball and totally kills FPS. When ladder phase ends then game running smoothly again.
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