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  1. ETA on server files

    Any chance of an update on server files? Community desperately needs dedicated servers to allow more regions to play how they want and allow modders to potentially fix the game for you, it's clear that matchmaking is not going to work with such a small player base due to it being released too early.
  2. OCE server lag

    Oceanic servers are lagging, usually get 10 ping now im getting 160
  3. Taleworlds? Are you there?

    Some communication would be nice on whats happening on multiplayer... Servers? OCE matchmaking/other regions Battle? Duels? Dedicated servers? Maps? Balance? Anything at all....
  4. Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    Please can we get australian matchmaking servers, tdm and siege is getting boring... we need some competitive skirmish.
  5. Battle.... please...

    We need some sort of mass competitive mode, battle is perfect for it, 30v30. Siege and tdm is way too casual it gets boring really quick, we need battle so they i feel the need to actaully try. Also skirmish servers for oce so we can attempt clan scrims.
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