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  1. Bjorn The Hound

    Encyclopedia Sorting Check Box

    Sorting in encyclopedia is a fantastic addition. Thank you Mray! Sometimes you really have to go back and forward by using top left buttons in encyclopedia to see the information you need. When you do that, sorting you did is gone. How about a check box near the sorting so when you go back and...
  2. Bjorn The Hound

    Sandbox Or Campaign Mode

    After sandbox mode came, I never ever played campaign mode and I dare to say that I don't think I will. I don't even know what kind of state campaign mod is in right now. I really wonder what TW forum community prefer. So I created a poll to see the result. Of course, if Campaign mode is not in...
  3. Bjorn The Hound

    Auto-Generated Battle Maps(A forgotten gamplay part)

    I am 99% of sure this is already too late to ask for this but I am going to ask it anyway. I just watched a Resonant video( Revisiting Warband After Bannerlord... Was It REALLY ALL THAT GOOD? - YouTube ). At 2:38, he enters a battle with looters and baaaammmm! You are in a map you never...
  4. Bjorn The Hound

    Need More Info Test Clan

    Summary: I am a vassal of Khuzait. They declared war upon Test Clan whose leader is Emperor of Western Empire . The banner of Test Clan is not something I have seen before. I loaded older save and Khuzait declared war upon Western Empire this time so my problem is solved but I wanted to let you...
  5. Bjorn The Hound

    Bunları biliyor muydunuz?

    Dün gece bu videoya denk geldim ve içerisinde benim hiç bilmediğim belki sizin de bilmediğiniz ve oyunun bize direkt açıklamadığı bazı özellikleri gördüm ve paylaşmak istedim. 1) Oyun içerisinde B tuşuna basarak sancağınızı tekrar değiştirmek. Tahmin ediyorum ki bunu çoğunuz biliyordunuz...
  6. Bjorn The Hound

    Commanding by mouse in singleplayer

    This comment from new pinging system suggestion thread made me think of this new idea. Of course, it should be optional. It is like this: When you open this menu, your mouse buttons will be linked to this menu. Scrolling down or up by your mouse will change the selection, right click will...
  7. Bjorn The Hound

    Can't rebel diplomacy litdum v.3

    I am playing the mod diplomacy litdum v.3. I have a problem which is Sultan Hakim is giving me all the fief I want so I can't rebel and start my kingdom. My relation with him is 86. Is there a way to solve this or my only choice is conquering castles until he won't give me the fief I want.
  8. Bjorn The Hound

    Starting as a vassal or a king.

    Sometimes in WB, early gameplay is boring and struggling to me which is leveling up your charecter, finding companions, opening up enterprises etc. In some modes and in custom charecter creation mod, you can start as a vassal or even a king. Ofcourse when we play Bannerlord for the first time...
  9. Bjorn The Hound

    Diplomacy mod suggestions

    So I played lots of hours in diplomacy mod. I am looking for a new mod but the problem is when I found one, it does not have the features of diplomacy. I want a new mod to play with all the features of diplomacy in it, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. Bjorn The Hound

    A point about archery

    In history archers use their right side of the bow for reloading which is faster but bad for aiming. I am not so sure about western archery but I know tihs is a fact for eastern archery. I am 99% sure that TW knows this but they did not use it. Why? Note: For those who complains about...
  11. Bjorn The Hound

    Reemerging Factions

    If this is posted before, I am sorry. I couldn't find it. So as we all know in warband, once a faction eliminated there is no chance they are coming back. In bannerlord, can there be a feature like when you eliminated one faction but you rule poorly in terms of politic and some lord might...
  12. Bjorn The Hound

    the lord keep the land while turning?

    when I was playing warband today, I turned a lord in to my kingdom from rodoks. suddenly, two of the rodoks cities became my kindom's land. the lord kept his fiefs while turning or is this a bug?
  13. Bjorn The Hound

    AI commanders

    Cem Çimenbiçer said "Until now, we mainly worked on the tactics of formations and armies" in the last dev blog. I only played warband so far. at the hardest difficulty when you have fully upgraded your units, you will never be defeated to AI commanders unless their armies 3 or 4 times bigger...
  14. Bjorn The Hound

    song achivements in bannerlord?

    what i am talking about is that in history lots of songs made after heros, wars etc. so in bannerlord isn't that good idea songs about your charecter when you win outnumbered battle or dueling someone or help farmers, citizens when the odds are against you. when you achive it you go a tavern and...
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