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  1. Bxnny

    Liga Argentina competitiva de Warband. [Argentinian Competitive League]

    Nunca había hecho un post en este apartado porque lo considero muerto y sin ningún ápice de competitivo, pero acá voy, ya que me enteré que hay algunos que desconocen el foro apartado que nosotros los Argentinos utilizamos, más que nada Brasileros y gente de otros países. Liga Argentina...
  2. Bxnny

    We want South American servers

    This has been an issue we have discussed within SA for the last couple of months, since Bannerlord started to arise with activity as the release of the game was coming, "will there be servers for us? I want to play officials and competitively." We went to Gamescom last year, with the owner of...
  3. Bxnny

    [WLC] Semi-Finals

    SEMI-FINALS 19.1.2020 - 26.1.2020 Tie-Breaker Semi Finalists Fenox 18 - 14 Cinere Inexplicitus Vaporeso 0 - 0 Conquistadores Post the date and hour of your match following this code: TeamName 1 vs TeamName 2 Date & Time:
  4. Bxnny

    [WLC] Groupstage Week 5

    GROUP STAGE - WEEK 5 12.1.2020 - 19.1.2020 Group B Discípulos de Ariel 0-20 Fenox Jorrvaskr 0-20 [font=georgia]Conquistadores [center]Post the date and hour of your match following this code: TeamName 1 vs TeamName 2 Date & Time:
  5. Bxnny

    [WLC] Groupstage Week 3

    GROUP STAGE - WEEK 3 15.12.2019 - 22.12.2019 Group A Cinere Inexplicitus 4-20 Vaporeso Caripelas 0-0 Hood Group B Inquisidores de Eberron 3-20 Conquistadores [center] Discípulos de Ariel 20[center]-[font=georgia]4 [font=georgia]Jorrvaskr...
  6. Bxnny

    [WLC] Groupstage Week 2

    GROUP STAGE - WEEK 2 08.12.2019 - 15.12.2019 Group A La Vaporeso 20-2 Hood Caripelas 12-17 Cinere Inexplicitus Group B Jorrvaskr 2-20 Fenox [center] Discípulos de Ariel 20[center]-[font=georgia]1 [font=georgia]Inquisidores de Eberron...
  7. Bxnny

    [WLC] First ~ Warband Latin American Cup - Sign Ups

    Warband Latin American Cup After planning it for two months, I'm ready and glad to announce the first official South American Cup. This is a South American tournament, but that doesn't mean that an invited team from NA or Mexico can't participate, we want to do it as more competitive as...
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