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  1. Seabhac

    In Progress Modding Kit, Steam Updates and News, Regional Issue

    Hello, On Steam US user, the Mount & Blade Bannerlords - Modding Kit in the update menu view news link ( leads to an incorrect region error. Thanks,
  2. Seabhac

    World Map Movement.

    As a suggestion on moving around the world map to a distant city or location; currently the basic way of doing this is zooming out and selecting the location and the party makes its way. This sometimes causes problems (more so in early game or war) where your party begins to move to the selected...
  3. Seabhac

    Bandit Hideouts

    I like the hideouts but would very much want to see hideouts improved so they are more interesting and useful to players. Players should have the option to openly raid them with their party, but keep the option to ambush at night adding a renown bonus and allowing a retreating party to keep...
  4. Seabhac

    Combat Music Volume Control

    The battle music is alright but it would be great to have a volume toggle or setting in the options. Currently the music volume setting is universal for both the world map and battle scenes, don't get me me wrong I like the game music but it would be nice to be able to turn off or lower the...
  5. Seabhac

    The Music is Great!

    Just wanted to give props to the music production team as it is great! Certainly gives the high adventure vibes and I'm sure Basil Poledouris would approve.
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