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  1. yourNotAlone

    "M - Warband frag movie" Appreciation thread

    This very day, 4 years ago, one of the best M&B frag movies of all time came out. This movie keeps hyping me even after numerous times watching it. So I think it's time to appreciate M's amazing work here. Thank you alot, M!
  2. yourNotAlone

    [WNL4] Weekly Stats

    The Warband Native League is brought to you by Website · Facebook · Twitter Click Here I'll give it a shot this season and try to update it as often as possible. Big thanks to Neathar who ran the first WNL Stats, Folms who ran last WNL Stats and UNAC Weekly Stats (and whoever is running...
  3. yourNotAlone

    Wait what... Warband is on reddit? Did anyone of you guys ever use it?
  4. yourNotAlone

    NC'14 Team GER | Old Thread

    Captain GER Yona Vize Captain GER ReneKB GER SpheRe Members GER Triari GER Firunien GER KilleR GER Hugo GER Taros GER Marc GER Waringham GER Nero GER Jason GER Boris GER Hopkiin GER Zeltino GER Dragonknight GER Dreaon GER Du? [table] - Yona:          Yona   yourNotAlone -...
  5. yourNotAlone

    NC 2014

    Steht natürlich alles noch in den Sternen, aber trotzdem würde es mich interessieren, ob es Interessierte an der Beteiligung Deutschlands (+Österreich u. Schweiz) an einem NC geben würde. Sofern ihr Interesse an einer Führungsposition habt, merkt es bitte an, damit man einen geordneten...
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