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  1. AlperAga

    In Progress Marriage issues

    Hi, Several issues will be listed here. 1 - Seems like there is sorting issue in the selectable person when offering hand for marriage: Here are 3 nephews, the sorting seems to be, from top to bottom, based on age asc. 18, 20, 21. selecting only the first one (Mete) works ("Very good"), the...
  2. AlperAga

    Lords spawning with troops after defeat ruins the game

    When a lord is defeated, once he respawns on the map, he comes with free troops. I guess this was the way to fix the snowball effect we had before, and has been well discussed in this reddit thread But this implementation totally ruins the game. I'm trying to create my kingdom by taking the...
  3. AlperAga

    Parties added to your army go attacking nearby armies on their way to join your army

    Summary: Parties that should join your army go attack nearby enemy army How to Reproduce: Stay near enemy army, add party to your army, wait for them. Once it approach, it gets cocky and goes attacking enemy army to a certain fail instead of joining yours. Version: all
  4. AlperAga

    No birth for no one in the whole game

    Summary: Married for 4 years and still have no child in this save. But not just me, no character has given birth in the whole campain, as you usually get notified of birth in the notification center, for you or other characters. (Had tons of children in previous campain though) How to...
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