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  1. Krin

    Duel Server

    Well it crashed lots. I was in a duel w a guy, 2-2, next thing i know the guy spawns without his horse and runs through walls. Now I can't enter duel server it takes forever and quite frankly i havent made it in yet.
  2. Krin

    i said bad words tw muted me :'(

    insert cringe comment here
  3. Krin

    Manage Castle Options : Construction Never Ends

    So I just got gifted a fief from the Sturgians, it is Flintolg Castle of Battanians (now belonging to sturgians). Sturgia is still in war with Battania, I don't know if that is the reason or not but when I try to manage the castle and build something it says Completion : Never . Also the daily...
  4. Krin

    Need More Info Got Kicked from TM by anti cheat

    I was minding my own business in team deathmatch, playing and all and suddenly I got kicked by anticheat. It said "query time out" but what the actual frog?
  5. Krin

    Resolved Game Constntly Crashing on the Stable Main Branch 1.4.3.

    Summary: I played this game for arond 120 hours on 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 when they were main branches. and I joined in 1.4.3 beta only to opt out of betas and update the game to 1.4.3 maın branch. Ok I first opted out of beta 1.4.3 and downloaded the main update. Ever since then whenever I choose to...
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