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  1. Electre

    Please enable friendly fire back on TDM and Siege servers

    Free team hitting is simply a mechanic now, on a 1v2 and above you can try to dance or block, but the swarm of swings at no cost adds to the frustration the gameplay itself generates.
  2. Electre

    A petition to reintroduce friendly fire

    Please add friendly fire to both siege and TDM servers. Gameplay is fooled down without it: fighting more than one enemy at once is unfair and cav just gets inbetween with no penalty wathsoever. Playing with it enabled even in the more casual TDM and Siege would benefit from it. That, or share...
  3. Electre

    A tutorial worth watching for new and not so experienced players for MULTIPLAYER

    When I started playing Warband online more often, I found this video and loved it. I even made a couple of tutorials for a different game with this kind of presentation. It's not necessarily advanced or cheesy stuff like you can see in more competitive games, but I suppose the tips can be...
  4. Electre

    Just another guy streaming online Bannerlord TDM and Siege

    Hi there, I'm posting here as I didn't see a subform dedicated to streaming, and most of the Streams you can find on the page are about offline mode. If somebody is willing to check what an average casual mp game looks like I'll drop a link to my channel here. I do mostly...
  5. Electre

    SUGGESTION: Use one of [EU] TDM servers for a TDM with Friendly Fire

    Not much more to say from the title. The europe servers rarely get filled, leave alone having 2 servers with 100 players playing in each. Having one of those EU servers with friendly fire per default would leave room for an often flow of a more hardcore approach to melee. 1v2 and above...
  6. Electre

    fps drops to more than half randomly for a while

    Heya, I play mostly online, and in TDM this issue happens lately. Sometimes, can't tell why, the fps rate suddenyl drops heavily, yet it keeps a constant low number, and it returns after a bit. It happens from time to time in the Nord town TDM map, when there's a lot of players around but not...
  7. Electre

    In Progress Crouching and standing up resets your stance

    Couldn't find the best place to report this minor thing. Basically, if you change your stance to the left side, when you crouch and stand it returns to the right side one. It does happen when you crouch already, I beieve crouching has a unique animation based on the right stance.
  8. Electre

    Re-open the "old" Bannerlord discussion thread.

    You can't just shut a thread that has 3047 pages down for a new facelift.
  9. Electre

    Constant sound clicking

    Since around a week or so my Warband (Both Native and NW) has this issue. The sound is like glitched, like constantly being cut, but constant, as if there's lack of some parts. I tried reinstalling and updating my sound card drivers but the problem still persists. Win10 here, never had this...
  10. Electre

    Any way of getting new camera spots?

    Hi there, I wanted to make a MbWb multiplayer gameplay video. I need to change how the camera works: the way it moves when linked to a player or not. Is there any mod or possibility to modify distance from player or movement itself? In order to create something more 'cinematographic' i'd like...
  11. Electre

    Incompatibility with version

    First of all, im new here, I just bought the MB collection on steam some weeks ago and I've played it mainly online. I donwloaded the freelancer mod but it won't work due to a certain problem with versions. It says its designed for version 1.134 and that my version is unknown. I have declined...
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