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  1. Balgy

    Removing the world map

    Would it be possible to entirely remove (or hide) the world map so that the game progresses with a scene after a scene after a scene? Could I turn Native into a full 3rd person rpg or would the bugs overwhelm me?
  2. Balgy

    Creating New Troop Flags

    Is there a way to make a new troop flag on header_troops?
  3. Balgy

    Quests: How to make quest description appear in parts

    First things first, I am an unexperienced modder. Now , to the point. I want to know how I can make my quest text appear in parts in the quest description in Notes. For example, there are 2 phrases. "do some stuff" and "do some other stuff", and a  quest is named "Doing stuff". I want "do...
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