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  1. swally0ne

    Keep Fights after Sieges - Good Idea, but

    i think that keep fights are making you more vulnerable with Permadeath enabled. You can not decide which troops you take into a keep fight. No matter what, your party leaders in the armies and companions in your party are going to participate. that being said, your Vassals and Companions are...
  2. swally0ne

    In Progress Game Crashes when i try to kill the last lord remaining.

    Summary: I tried to kill every lord on the map to get all the settlements by doing that. Sadly, the game crashes when iam about to execute the last one. i uploaded the crash report (2021-07-30_10.15.07_1899c76e662294c9f33ce510e1889501) and the savefile can be found via as...
  3. swally0ne

    In Progress Shared XP (Giving Hands/Paid in Promise) Issue

    Summary: Hey! When you want to share XP by getting rid of all of the items at once by using ctrl+klick or the discard everything arrow, the xp of just one item is going to get shared. This issue appears since the last hotfix. that being said i don't know if this was already mentioned in the...
  4. swally0ne

    Quick Guide on how to create your own Kingdom :>

    Some people were asking me on how to create an own Kingdom properly. I figure this is the safest/easiest way without losing too much relation: - Get the "Artisan Community" Trading Perk - establish Workshops (Wool weavers in the khuzait area, Wine Press at marunath) - remember you lose the...
  5. swally0ne

    Need More Info 1.6 Game freeze during Siege

    Summary:Hey! The game freezes each time when iam trying to take control over Varnovapol (Siege attack). The same issue occured on another Siege (Castle) but it wasnt reproducing. There is no error message occuring at all. You can reach out to the save file here (its the ironman one): Ironman...
  6. swally0ne

    In Progress [1.6 Beta] a little Smithing Issue

    Summary: Hey! Today i found a little anoying thing. If you craft a weapon it jumps back to the standard blueprint of the weapon type again How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which:No Scene Name (if related): Smith Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:win10 GPU: RTX2070...
  7. swally0ne

    1.5.10 Prisoner Bug?!

    Hey Taleworlds&Community. I found a weird bug on todays Session. You can see right here just wanted to let you know. Love the Patch so far, Great Changes to control Situations!
  8. swally0ne

    Big Question: Workshops, Hides and Horses?!

    Greetings Mount&Bladers, I have a question related to the workshop production of hides in town. Related to the .xml file which could be found here (<[Bannerlord install dir]\Modules\Sandbox\ModuleData\spworkshops.xml>) hides are exclusively produced with hog, sheep and cows. When you slaughter...
  9. swally0ne

    Marriage of Family Members

    Hey! After i created my own Kingdom i wanted to marry family members of mine (like my brothers, sisters) to other guys in Calradia. When i speak to a Vassal Family Leader from my Kingdom, or from another, i have a Dialogue option which is saying "i would like to propose an alliance between our...
  10. swally0ne

    Kingdom Tab Issue?! (Create Kingdom)

    Hey Guys! I don't know if this Issue was already posted, nevertheless it was not showing up in the "known issues" thread. So here is the thing: If i want to create a kingdom from the bottom by sieging a Settlement, the Kingdom tab will not unlock. It will only unlock, if i take care about the...
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