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  1. [OSOD] Imperator

    (Crown) Sigil not centered

    For some reason the crown is not oriented correctly, It is off centered. I know this is minimal and not part of the bigger issues of the game but its a very simple thing that bugs me. Why is it that others are oriented well but for some reason the crown is not? I hope I can spread awareness to...
  2. [OSOD] Imperator

    (NA) Double Loot Weekends

    Intro: Lets be honest for a minute, the loot you get for a single skirmish game can be as small as 20 a match *games can last maximum of 30 minutes* so think about that for a while you grind. Simply put this would mean if you wanted to buy a 1 thousand gold item it would take you on average 50...
  3. [OSOD] Imperator

    The bad AND good of the new skin update

    This new update is wonderful in the sense that now we can customize our own loadouts and be different from one another. The Bad Things: But I feel like it could've used more work because the sigils for example dont work. At least not the free ones... I cant switch to any of the free ones and I...
  4. [OSOD] Imperator

    [OSOD] Swords of Damarius (NA/EU) - Recruiting

    Introduction The Swords of Damarius is one of the oldest groups in the Bannerlord community. And the first RP group in the NA NW community, named the Fisters. The Iron Fister blessed be his name, decided to venture into Bannerlord and create OSOD as two of his friends wanted him to. And hence...
  5. [OSOD] Imperator

    Need More Info Sound of Coom *Audio*

    Summary: This is a very rare audio, that I have only heard one other time about 2 months ago. How to Reproduce: I have no clue, I have only heard twice and it appears to be random. Scene Name (if related): Both times this audio happened was in the Town outskirts map. Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  6. [OSOD] Imperator

    Need More Info Motion Blur making the game crash.

    Summary: The game crashes whenever I have motion blur whether it is BEFORE the game starts or DURING the game when I turn around. How to Reproduce: Put motion blur off and then your game crashes. *Tested it out literally 10 times* Scene Name (if related): Literally ANY map I have loaded into has...
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