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  1. Tequnique

    Resolved im banned of my own dedicated server on my pc

    Forwarded to our server team. We are investigating this issue. Sadly, we can't give any ETA at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Here people are paying good money for your products... At least have the decency to give us a status report?

    We've been waiting now since before the summer...
  2. Tequnique

    Resolved im banned of my own dedicated server on my pc

    I wrote to you 6th of July - and there is STILL no fix.

    You are selling a product that offers services that aren't working!!
    I know you are prioritising something else, but at least have the professionalism to inform that certain parts of your game is broken.
    And as for now: I had 12 people buy your game that non of us can play and cannot refund.
  3. Tequnique

    Resolved im banned of my own dedicated server on my pc

    Thank you! looking forward to a solution.
    We have a tournament coming - which means sales for you guys <3
  4. Tequnique

    Resolved im banned of my own dedicated server on my pc

    I have the same issue.
    Thanks for the work around, problem is that I don't have another free computer to run the server on.
    Could we get some kind feedback on what the progress is on the issue.
    There is an upcoming warband tournament coming, I want to have my training server up so we can prepare for it <3
  5. Tequnique

    [WNL7] Team Rosters

    Player Removal

    Team Name: Immortal Brotherhood
    Name of player(s):
    Shingen    702518
    Sheabo    27811202
  6. Tequnique

    [WNL7] Team Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: Immortal Brotherhood
    Name of player(s):
  7. Tequnique

    [WNL7] Team Rosters

    Player Addition

    Immortal Brotherhood:
    Name of player(s):
  8. Tequnique

    [WNL7] Sign Ups & Introduction | Open

    Team Name: Immortal Brotherhood
    Team Tag: ImB
    Contact 1: ImB_Yipman
    Contact 2: ImB_Samilou
    banner url
    Samilou - ID 2641719
    Yipman - ID 2857121
    Midz - ID 2299553
    Adilbd - ID 4243109
    Ilwiki - ID 3731506
    Shingen - ID 702518
    Alas - ID 4274341
    Amalaric - ID 1032655
    Plagugin - ID 1166599
    Sheabo - ID 27811202
    Preferred Division: C
  9. Tequnique

    [TKOS] The Kingdom of Swadia (Inactive)

    I haven't seen any activity from TKOS ?
    Did it finally die?
  10. Tequnique

    [Minor League] Stage 5 — Group Elimination | Fixtures | Deadline is 08.04

    NNN vs IMB: 2-1

    1st Map, 1st Set:
    We lack Sceenshot from this map. But it was 3-0

    1st Map, 2nd Set: 1-3

    2nd Map, 1st Set:

    2nd Map, 2nd Set:

    3rd Map, 1st Set:

    3rd Map, 2nd Set:

  11. Tequnique

    [Minor League] Teams

    We have updated our banner:

  12. Tequnique

    [Minor League] Stage 1 | Fixtures | Deadline is 21.03

    Based on Maps:
    Immortal Brotherhood 2:Senate 0

    Based on Rounds:
    Immortal Brotherhood 12 :Senate 3





  13. Tequnique

    [Minor League] Teams

    Team name: The Immortal Brotherhood;
    Banner: LINK ON BANNER;
    Contact:, LINK ON TW-PROFILE;
    Region: Global;
    DaRedViper 3046815
  14. Tequnique

    Dev Blog 15/03/18

    I'm sorry... "Skirmish" cannot and will not at all replace the joy of  Battlemode.
    Almost NONE of the veteran players in Warband agree with removing battle; NOT because they are closed minded,but because we enjoy battlemode as it was-  period!

    We dont need to test skirmish to see if it is better than battle;
    It cannot be better, because it is something completely different. That simple.
    Multiple lives, Controlling multiple flags simultaneously, withdrawing to regroup, fixed classes, no gold, reward for loosing team etc. Nope. This far away from what we're searching for as a clan.

    Maybe it is fun and yeah, we will for sure try it, but it makes no sense at all to remove battle in its place.

    I presume that you think that this new system might give a new fresh take on warband when people test it, and I am sure it will, but I still
    think you should listen and respect your dedicated fans that has brought hundreds and if not thousands of people into warband for over 5 years and kept warband active for a long time!

    Instead of removing battle, why not adjust and balance it?
    It's just a matter of adjusting prices and what to reward.

    In example: We did a few adjustments on our "skirmish" server:
    a) Reduced starting money allowing worse starting equipment, and thus made players more careful in their engagements.
    b) Reduce gold reward for kills - to avoid focus on ramboic behavior
    c) Increased gold rewards for winning rounds - to increase team effort.

    We had quite a lot of players on our server for a long time almost always working as a team and no problem with snowballing.
    To snowball you'd had to win at least 2 rounds consequently to be able to buy any significantly better armor or weapons.
    In vanilla, you could get chainmail after winning a single round.

    Giving rewards to the loosing team seems awkward to me... and does not belong in competitive play.
    We love a game that is hard and punishing.
    It gives us the incentive to worker harder both individually and well as a team so to NOT loose.

    I hope this makes sense.

  15. Tequnique

    [Minor League] Minor League Warband

    Team name: The Immortal Brotherhood;
    Banner: LINK ON BANNER;
    Contact:, LINK ON TW-PROFILE;
    Region: Global;
    Comming soon
    DaRedViper 3046815
  16. Tequnique

    Native Completed ESSC 2x2 - Mans not hot

    Team Name: Immortal Brotherhood
    Members: YipMan | Aira
    Steam Contact (Team leader):
    TaleWorlds Contact (Team leader): Tequnique
    Faction Desired: Nords
  17. Tequnique

    IMB - New SKIRMISH server

    OurGloriousLeader said:
    Are trainees allowed to play here?

    Unfortunantly yes and/or no :smile:
    Windle said:
    Been hopping on now and then. Gotta say this is the perfect place to practice some pure 5 aside scrims if you're looking to improve ground force teamwork!!

    That was what we where hoping to hear <3
    What is your nick?

  18. Tequnique

    IMB - New SKIRMISH server

    Windle said:
    Nice! Will be trying it out soon. What's the player slot capped at?

    The cap is at 12 players :smile:
    The map sizes fits perfect 6 v 6.
    Efe Karacar said:
    It is a nice idea, but not for a public server. Perhaps another purpose of this server could be; clans could arrange quick and short fun matches since you got some nice small maps? So, overall; you could host these matches but dunno. Lets try!

    Btw, the preview images are scretched by height I think.

    We will do both! :smile:

    We will test run this one server first - then if it runs well and maps are balanced /adjusted - we will open 2 more "pro" servers.
    The pro servers allow arrangements for clans or inter-clan skrims every day at 18:00 - and we might give admin to trusted clans to help us run it.

    The public server runs great so far!
    All though many new players thends to dissapear quickly - strong players or players with team work mentality tends to stay for hours <3

    Thanks for noticing the pictures. I will get black to fix them :smile:
    Lord Rich said:
    I think you might struggle to keep it populated, I know we had a fair amount of trouble with that back when we hosted the Beehive with a similar concept (think we were max 20 players).

    If you host very low number servers then you need a mechanism to keep people interested when they join by themselves or very low numbers.

    There are multiple mechanisms to populate it - however keeping it continuously populated is not our main goal.
    The idea behind the server is to be able to get/arrange daily inter-clan or clan skirmishes on maps that are spesificly made for this purpose.
    This way we get a nice solid teamwork experience, we get rid of alot of the random chasing each other around a big maps in a "tactical blob" and winning more or less by random not by skill/teamwork..

    The server cap is at 12 players. But as stated above - we will open more servers that allows for clan arranagements as well.

  19. Tequnique

    [WNL4] Week 6 Fixtures - Deadline 16/11

    Immortal brotherhood
  20. Tequnique

    [WNL4] ID Management

    Immortal Brotherhood:
    Player 1: Boromir 132340 
    Player 2: Yipman  399981 
    Player 3: Violet 1193914 
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