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    You dare spam here in this holiest of threads!? CTDs upon you! :eek:
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    What music interests you?

    Eee, Pearl Jam, Supertramp and The Eagles! Very nice indeed :grin:
  3. Cymro

    What music interests you?

    Oop, forgot to put down my general likes earlier on. I'm fond of classical, baroque and mediaeval music, particularly Beethoven, JS Bach and Gregorian chant. As for the last 110 years, the music of Edvard Grieg, some rock (Dire Straits mainly), grunge (such as Temple of the Dog), then slightly less definable music such as the aforementioned Radiohead and Apocalyptica.
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    What's so special about manual driving?

    Redcoat - Mic said:
    What the **** manual car has five gears?
    Luxury. Back when I were a lad, we only 'ad one gear - forward at pace of t'snail. And we were grateful!
  5. Cymro

    Rule of thumb.

    No, on the basis that  forums that have a feature like this often have "IF U FUND THIS USFEL PLS GIEF THUMBS UP :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: " or similar on the bottom of most threads.
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    Beowulf was an interesting read, although the chap did seem to get far too many weapons and coats of mail during the course of his adventures.

    Pharaoh Llandy said:
    "bob son of bobson son of bobsonson son of bobsonsonson"
    Unless there's some sort of a curious time paradox going on here, shouldn't it be bobsonsonson son of bobsonson son of bobson son of bob? :razz:
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    Need a 160GB SATA Hard disk.

    My windows HDD has been making the occasional odd 'cli-thunk' noise over the past week, and today, it went 'cli-thunk clickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclicky' then crashed, leaving me with a black screen stating "No hard disks detected!". Luckily, after turning it off and on again, it booted in to...
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    What's so special about manual driving?

    Using clutch control to do precise movement is good. Also, being able to control when your gears change, rather than jumping at unexpected moments is dead handy (my dad very nearly crashed an automatic in Canada as it decided to change gear right in front of a wall).
  9. Cymro

    Swine flu. What's happening in Mexico?

    They're only useful for short periods, but then they go all soggy and ineffective. I'm not sure whether the same goes for full face gas masks, but it would all go a tad apocalyptic if everybody started wearing those.
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    Swine flu. What's happening in Mexico?

    From the WHO's website
    30 April 2009 -- From today, WHO will refer to the new influenza virus as influenza A(H1N1).
    Alternatively, given that the media will still call it swine flu regardless:
    30 April 2009 -- From today, who will refer to the new influenza virus as influenza A(H1N1)?
  11. Cymro

    An Inquiry to Online Communication

    Archonsod said:
    Have you ever read a newspaper's letter's page?
    The Telegraph's letters all take roughly the following template:

    (unfunny witty remark)"

    I am a conservative/christian/vegetarian/ecologist/old person
    I believe that discovery/technology/book/film/play/medicine
    is persecution/sidelineing/discriminatory"

    A real example being someone claiming that the Young Oxford English Dictionary was "an insidious leftist attack on the institutions of our nation" for not including words such as "monarch" and "empire".
  12. Cymro

    GooD.exe Threat? / How bad school PC's suck...

    Our school accounts are usually limited to about 80MB of disk space, perhaps up to 500MB for those taking art, graphics or technology. The majority of the PCs have 128MB of RAM, with a few going up to a whopping 512MB. Executables of any kind will not run. On a good note, however, there has never been a virus on the school system (conficked flash pens, for example, just wouldn't open as easily).

    The only exception to any of these is a solitary computer for electronics students in the physics lab, which has 1GB of RAM and a large hard disk in order to run the CAD software properly. It also doesn't block executables, and as such was at one point infested with all manner of vile creations.
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    Research Survey "Flamers" and video games. Please Respond

    #1 What is your age range.
    #2 What Genre of game do you play the most.(Select One)
      RPG(Role-Playing Game)
    #3 How Many Hours do you play video games in a week?
      Less than 4
    #4 How Often do you use and post on game forums?
      More than once a day
    #5 How often do you respond to “Flamers” on game forums
      Once a month
    #6 Do “Flamers” affect your view of a game?
      Disagree somewhat
    #7 Do you normally defend a game from “Flamers”?
      Disagree somewhat
    #8 How often do you see “Flamer” posts?
      Once a month
    #9 Have you ever “Flamed” a video game?

    (By the way, I wouldn't believe anybody who answers "Not at all" to question 4 :razz:)
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    The UK...

    Elenmmare said:
    Please don't tell me those ****ing crocs have invaded Angleland, too!
    Unfortunately, yes. Fortunately, if you see an entire family wearing them you get 5 points, doubled if they're also fatties, and doubled again if they are wearing identical branded tracksuit trousers.
  15. Cymro

    TLD Preview #3 - Concept Art

    The very fist Dale sketch i painted:

    That is undescribably fantastic.
  16. Cymro

    The UK...

    Rotherham, you say.


  17. Cymro

    GooD.exe Threat? / How bad school PC's suck...

    Do your schools, libraries or universities allow standard users to run exe files?
  18. Cymro

    Translations - V1.011 translations required

    Tuomu said:
    I suppose it means, that I'm to get the game myself, I can't just copy the translating files from my brother, right?

    Would I be able to get my hands to these files even if my computer couldn't run the game?
    I wouldn't have thought that there would be any problems with getting just the language files from your brother's copy of the game.
  19. Cymro

    GooD.exe Threat? / How bad school PC's suck...

    Delete the autorun.inf file, then view hidden files and delete that exe. Your flash pen has likely been infected with a trojan from the school's system, which has now infected your computer. Scan the computer and the pen.
  20. Cymro

    Mount & Blade Blog

    the devs here don't work that way, never have, and have shown absolutely no interest in doing so in the past when people have pointlessly whined and moaned that they wanted/deserved/needed constant updates on development progress
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