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  1. Dazzer

    Equipment getting dirty throughout the time

    While you and your men campaign in the enemy's lands, fight from a battle to battle, your and your men's equipment could get a little dirtier throughout the time. Now this could serve as a visual effect only, but if developers desire, it could decrease your army's morale a bit. This would force...
  2. Dazzer


    silly question, but will there be rainbows? :oops:
  3. Dazzer

    Pike & Shotte,357944.0.html  :fruity: :fruity: :fruity: :party:
  4. Dazzer


    Is there going to be a storyline, like in Viking conquest?
  5. Dazzer

    Presumed age of kings?

    As far as I know, only their vassals have displayed their age. But is the age of monarchs hidden somewhere in the game files?
  6. Dazzer

    Change troop culture in town

    I took Kiev, but instead of Western troops (im a vassal of Hungary) there are spawning only Russian troops. Also, when recruiting in there, I also get Russian troops. Is there a way to change this?
  7. Dazzer

    MP Musket Era Pike & Shotte (RELEASED)

    Important: If you are being stuck on Loading textures, please try the following fixes: -check/uncheck Load textures on demands, Use pixel shaders or Enable force single threading -set lower Antialiasing and Shadow quality -set lower Texture detail -hide blood -run the game in Directx 7 -uncheck...
  8. Dazzer

    Graphics card

    Hi there. I don't understand graphics cards, so I would like to ask which one from these two is better to play Warband with: 'Integrated card' or 'NVIDIA GeForce 840M'. I used the second one and it was a bit laggy when it was on Medium and I got like 60 FPS on Low. I would like to buy a new one...
  9. Dazzer

    All servers for Native/DLCs/Mods are down

    All servers for the whole game are down. What happened?
  10. Dazzer

    All servers are down

    I know that maybe this is not the right place where to post, but all servers are down. What happened?
  11. Dazzer

    Eighty Years of War Mod

    So I was browsing through the TW forum and found a very interesting mod called BNL Eighty Years of War. I visited their Moddb page and saw this It's the exact same model of the German Musketeer from WFaS and this picture was taken on 24th December 2010. Does WFaS use models from this mod?!!
  12. Dazzer

    Debts and battle bugs

    Everytime when I pay my soldiers, it says that I  have not enough money and im in debt even though I have around 100 000 piastres. Morale of my men is falling and they are leaving me. What should I do? And second problem is that my troops don't hold position where I order them. They start...
  13. Dazzer


    I think B&G needs some signatures. Is anyone willing to do some?
  14. Dazzer

    Are units historically accurate?

    Sorry for making so many threads, but I just want to ask if troops, their name and equipment in this game are historically accurate. I was yesterday searching for Netyags, but I coudln't find anything on the internet about them. Same goes for the Lifeguard unit for Sweden and so. I couldn't find...
  15. Dazzer

    Custom troop

    So I changed equipment of Finnish harquebusier, but he still uses the old uniform and weapons. I edited him with Morgh's editor. Why his equipment still didn't change? I'm very frustrated because I wanted him to look like a musketeer of my "Black brigade"  :cry:
  16. Dazzer


    What's the difference between Brytenwalda and Vikingr  :?:
  17. Dazzer

    Can't recruit (Yes, another problem)

    So I simply can't recruit soldiers from Poson. 'Recruit volunteers' button doesn't appear. Any ideas how to fix?
  18. Dazzer

    What's wrong with my manor?

    Hey guys, I have problems with my manor. Like two weeks ago (in-game) Hungary declared war on my kingdom and so I decided to summon manor army. After I week I destroyed enemy army and decided to dissolve my manor army.unfortunately, enemies came back and looted my village, so my population...
  19. Dazzer

    Bug with Ivan Barabash

    Hi. I started quest The secret of the black mace. Im now in the part of killing Janusz Radziwille and im stuck here. Before this game I was playing another as Swedish noble and then i wanted to help Ivan Barabash. I was helping him with taking Cossack Hetmanate but we were really weak so I told...
  20. Dazzer

    SP Musket Era Mount & Blade Warband Mod: Janosik's century

    Hi everyone. My name on forum is Lubak, but Im using another called Dazzer. So call me Dazzer. I have super idea to make a mod about Slovakish bandit called Janosik. Mod will be called Janosik's century. Mod is only in construction for some time. So I am finding texturers from SK/CZ because I am...
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