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  1. Evilknightz

    Baldur's Gate 3? :shock:
  2. Evilknightz

    Name of mod error?

    Would the word in the title be Prophecy and not Prophesy? A Prophecy is a noun. I.E. Pendor has a prophecy. The Prophecy is of Pendor. Prophesy is a verb, so the use would be something like...The Prophet began to prophesy. Am I crazy? Cause I've thought about this for a while, whilst downloading...
  3. Evilknightz

    Humble Indie Bundle III out.
  4. Evilknightz


    Basically a First-person Assassination game, but with cool ****. Due Q2 2012
  5. Evilknightz

    Forum Glitch?

    Whenever something gets necro'd in any sub-board, this tends to happen for me on that sub-board. A giant pile of random, old threads, pollute the top of the board for a while. Is this just me?
  6. Evilknightz

    The Wiki Game Get from one article to another using only hyperlinks. Also, I tend to always win, don't feel bad  :wink:
  7. Evilknightz

    Osama Bin Laden. Finally dead.

    I was shocked. The dayyyyyyy iss ourrrrsssss.
  8. Evilknightz

    Dota 2

    Evil want. Dated article, but, as the developer is Valve, no new news has come about since. Considering my new computer is running old DotA like a 90's game, it will be nice to have a more modernized engine...
  9. Evilknightz


    One of the most amusing shows on television, in my opinion.
  10. Evilknightz

    April Fools Day 2011!

    It is here. What hilarity will ensue is to be seen.
  11. Evilknightz

    Some good, some bad, some completely stupid, Berserk theories
  12. Evilknightz

    Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    11/11/11 It is announced!
  13. Evilknightz

    OMFG 318 Thats like three in a month, good stuff.
  14. Evilknightz

    Good podcasts Is a nice one.
  15. Evilknightz

    Where ARE the Noldor?

    Yes, I've checked the FAQ. The search function got me random posts on the Pendor History page.
  16. Evilknightz

    Gods keep speaking to me...for no reason.

    A god has told me to "Use it well" thrice now. I have only received one thing, and that is the bow that I put on Lethaldrin. Is this a glitch? Should I wait to click inventory after being spoken to? (I click it almost instantly)
  17. Evilknightz

    Fierdsvain Players

    Which are more effective? Axemen or Warriors. I use Axemen at the moment, but I wonder if Warriors are more effective, and don't want to go through a whole cycle of training just to test it.
  18. Evilknightz

    LA Noire Looks pretty cool
  19. Evilknightz

    Nazi Recruiting?

    November 5th, MSNBCs' Keith Olbermann was suspended "Indefinately" from MSNBC for donating a few thousand dollars to some democrats. This is against the rules, supposedly. On November 7th, it appears that MSNBC realized that the only show anyone watches on their channel was gone and decided to...
  20. Evilknightz

    A thought

    Spoilers be ahead What Griffith said about friendship, having them be someone who pursues their own ambitions, even if it is against him, being his friend. I thought that was quite interesting in hindsight. Consider the state of the story now, Gutts fights against Griffith at every turn for his...
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