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  1. gravur

    enemy ships have more troops than allowed

    why is it my enemy can have 2300 troops on 7 ships? why is it that I lose devotion in a city when I do something good?  Example I bring wine to a city that has devotion 140 and it goes down to 99?  Like a punished good deed. thanks!
  2. gravur

    cannot give cattle to village

    I'm using VC 2.032 on Steam.  Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot fulfill the quest of delivering cattle to the village.  It can be day or night, I have plenty of cattle, the village likes me.  Any hint on how to make this work all the time?  Thanks!
  3. gravur

    Lord to Lord relations

    After having a character leave the Viking Conquest world my minister never gives missions to fix lord to lord relations in my kingdom, which is really needed.  I wish I could go up to somebody and have them fix relations with their rival, stop the hating ! :)  Any suggestions?, Thanks.
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